Osho on Reaching Inner Center

Osho : If you can create a center outside – anywhere: in the mind, in the heart, or even outside on a wall – and if you concentrate totally on it and you bracket out the whole world, you forget the whole world and only one point remains in your consciousness, suddenly you will be thrown to your inner center.

How does it work? First understand this… Your mind is just a vagabond, a wandering. It is never at one point. It is always going, moving, reaching, but never at any point. It goes from one thought to another, from A to B. But it is never at the A; it is never at the B. It is always on the move.

Remember this: mind is always on the move, hoping to reach somewhere but never reaching. It cannot reach! The very structure of the mind is movement. It can only move; that is the inherent nature of the mind. The very process is movement – from A to B, from B to C… it goes on and on. If you stop at A or B or any point, the mind will fight with you. The mind will say, ”Move on,” because if you stop the mind dies immediately. It can be alive only in movement.

The mind means a process. If you stop and do not move, mind suddenly becomes dead, it is no more there; only consciousness remains. Consciousness is your nature; mind is your activity – just like walking. It is difficult because we think mind is something substantial. We think mind is a substance – it is not, mind is just an activity.

So it is really better to call it ”minding” than mind. It is a process just like walking. Walking is a process, if you stop, there is no walking. You have legs, but no walking. Legs can walk, but if you stop then legs will be there but there will be no walking.

Consciousness is like legs – your nature. Mind is like walking – just a process. When consciousness moves from one place to another, this process is mind. When consciousness moves from A to B, from B to C, this movement is mind. If you stop the movement, there is no mind. You are conscious, but there is no mind. You have legs, but no walking. Walking is a function, an activity; mind is also a function, an activity.

If you stop at any point, the mind will struggle. The mind will say, ”Go on!” The mind will try in every way to push you forward or backward or anywhere – but, ”Go on!” Anywhere will do, but do not stay at one point. If you insist and if you do not obey the mind… it is difficult because you have always obeyed. You have never ordered the mind; you have never been masters.

You cannot be because, really, you have never disidentified yourself from the mind. You think you are the mind. This fallacy that you are the mind gives the mind total freedom, because then there is no one to master it, to control it. There is no one! Mind itself becomes the master. It may become the master, but that mastery is just seemingly so. Try once and you can break that mastery – it is false.

Mind is just a slave pretending to be the master, but it has pretended so long, for lives and lives, that even the master believes that the slave is the master. That is just a belief. Try the contrary and you will know that that belief was totally unfounded.

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