Osho on Meditation for pregnant woman

[A sannyasin brings her baby and says she has been screaming a lot which upsets her.]

Osho : That is part of being a mother…. It is not an easy job….

But now it is too late! Every woman wants to become a mother without knowing the responsibilities. It is a long commitment. And remember: never think of what is right and what is wrong. Do whatsoever is spontaneous. If you decide what is wrong and what is right you will go nuts. And then she will suffer.

Just be spontaneous. Sometimes to be annoyed is perfectly right… perfectly good – nothing is wrong in it. The whole idea of right and wrong is wrong. You are a mother so you know from your inward core what to do and what not to do; this should not be decided by the mind.

It is just like a cat knows how to catch the rat… no school is needed for the cat. So just be a good mother to her and by ”a good mother” I mean a spontaneous mother. And sometimes screaming is good, because life will scream at her, so she has to be prepared for that. Her husband will shout, so she has to be prepared for that….

When she is relaxed, be relaxed; when she is annoyed, be annoyed, but don’t make it a program – that you have to do this. Whatsoever happens, let it happen.

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  1. Well this is really fascinating indeed. Would enjoy to read a little a lot more of this. Excellent post. Thanks for the heads-up…This blog was really beneficial and knowledgeable…

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