Osho on Eternal Bliss
Osho – The Spiritual Search starts as a seeking for eternal bliss, as a seeking for eternal liberation, as a seeking for divine light and divine life. But the center remains with you. In the beginning it is a self-centered search. Whatsoever you are seeking you are seeking for yourself. This self-centeredness ultimately will prove a barrier, because you cannot be in total ecstasy if you are self-centered.

This self-centeredness is a deep hindrance, but in the beginning it is bound to be so. It’s natural that one should start the search for himself. There is no other way. You cannot start for someone else. It has to be self-centered in the beginning, but it must not be so in the end. In the beginning it is okay. In the end it is dangerous. A point comes where your self-centeredness must cease. Only then your being will flower into total bliss.

It is just like this: you take breath in, you inhale. This is half a breath. You also have to exhale. That is the other half. And both breaths – inhaling and exhaling – make it a circle, a total breath. If you think only to inhale, and you see no point in exhaling – ”What is the use?” – you will die. Inhaling, which is necessary for life, will become dangerous for life if there is no exhaling. The breath must be released.

The same happens when you start receiving blissful moments, when you start receiving ecstatic moments, when the eternal starts pouring into you. The first thing is inhaling – you will inhale blissfulness – but then, exhale it. Otherwise, you will die of your own blissfulness. That blissfulness will become poisonous. Exhale it, distribute it, give it to others. When you feel that you are filled with bliss, express it. Share it; don’t try to conserve it within you.

Don’t force it, don’t make it a point that it is your own. Don’t try to own it; allow it to be shared with everyone. Really, celebrate it in such a way that the whole existence shares it. A flower blooms and the perfume spreads. The winds take it away, far away, to the far comers of the earth. Allow your perfume, your bliss, to be taken far away from you, to be shared, to be shared by the existence itself.

Why? Because then bliss has become total: inhaling and exhaling both. It becomes a circle. And the more you distribute it, the more you get. The more you throw it away, the more you find it, because now you are in contact with the infinite source.

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