Osho on Stupid Men Silence

Osho : One thing will be of great value to understand: truth cannot be said, but at the same time, you cannot hide it. You cannot say it, but you cannot hide it. It tries to assert itself in millions of ways. The very experience is such that it wants to be shared, and it is also such that it cannot be shared.

Just a few days ago, Anupama asked a question, saying that when she goes deep in meditation, something happens to her but she cannot share it with her lover, so she feels a little guilty. Lovers want to share everything, whatsoever they have. Love is an unconditional sharing. So she wants to share it, but feels it is impossible to share. Guilt arises — one feels as if one is hiding something.

But the very nature of truth is such that if you try to express it, you cannot express. The glimpse comes to you when there are no words, when the mind stops functioning — then comes the glimpse. And by the time words have come back to the mind, the glimpse is gone. They never meet.

When the glimpse is there, words are not there; the mind is not there to recognize, to formulate. When the mind comes back, the glimpse is gone. From one door you enter; the truth leaves the house from another door. You never meet.

Truth leaves the moment the mind enters, but still, the mind can feel the fragrance. Something has happened, something tremendously valuable has happened. Somebody has been in the house. You can feel… somebody has passed. The room has a different quality to it now. Your whole being is throbbing with some experience. Something has happened — a light in the darkness — but the mind cannot capsulate what has happened. It can feel a little bit — something certainly has happened, the being is not the same, the house has changed — but still, what has happened remains incomprehensible to the mind.

The mind would like to share it with all those you love. With all those you feel for, you would like to share, but if you try, you will fail. So these two things are part of the nature of the experience itself. First, you would like to share, you will have a tremendous urge to share, and then you will fail — sharing is not possible. And the second thing: still you cannot hide it. It will show from your eyes, from the way you walk, from the way you talk, from the way you remain silent. It will show. Have you watched it?

One day a man came to me and he said, ‘I am very stupid. Can silence help me?’
I told him, ‘You try. At least this is good — that you accept that you are stupid. This is the beginning of wisdom.’

But if a man is stupid and he becomes silent, the silence will have something of the stupidity. A stupid man silent will still be a stupid man. The silence of one who is enlightened and the silence of one who is stupid is going to be totally different. The stupid man’s silence will be stupid. His talk will be stupid; his silence will also be stupid. The silence of a buddha will have a light, a flavour, a fragrance. His talk will also have the same quality.

It is not a question of being silent or talking. It is a question of your being — the very quality. When you have touched something of the no-mind, it will start expressing itself in many ways. Through the mind it will be difficult to express, but through your totality it will be expressed. You will see in a different way. If somebody looks into your eyes, your eyes will become silent pools of energy. If somebody touches your hand or your body, he will feel a certain coolness, tranquillity. Something has happened inside. You are carrying something in your womb.

Have you seen a woman with a child in her womb when she is walking? She walks differently. She carries something within her being. Whenever an experience of truth — even a glimpse, a satori — has happened, you walk differently. You are no more the same. You cannot hide it. You cannot express it and you cannot hide it

Source – Osho Book “Nirvana: The Last Nightmare”

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