Osho on Spacing Out

Question – Bhagwan, why are people spacing out instead of in?

Osho – Because spacing out is simple. It can be done through chemical means, through drugs, through alcohol, through LSD, through marijuana, through hashish. It is simple, because the question is just eating something or smoking something, and you space out. But no drug can take you in. They are from the outside, they can take you outside. They can create a very beautiful hallucination. And once you have tasted that beautiful hallucination, then you want it more and more — because the reality is so mundane.

Your forefathers, your past, has destroyed all beauty, all joy in the ordinary world. They have not enhanced it. So when you go on a drug trip, you create an individual dreamworld which is beautiful. And to come back from it, this world seems even more dull and dead than before. Now you have a comparison.

Going in needs effort. No chemicals can help. Going in means you have to become meditative. You have to make tremendous effort to become aware. Certainly once you get in, you will be surprised, that whatever you were getting by spacing out was just hallucination. You were wasting your time. Spacing out was hallucination and the world outside was dull, but when you get in through meditation, — that is the only way that leads inwards — it transforms your whole vision. The ordinary, mundane reality becomes so beautiful. You don’t need to go to any paradise. The very motivation for paradise disappears. This very moment it is here.

The ordinary flowers and the ordinary birds singing in the morning, it is so celestial, so sacred. Looked from your innermost core, this world becomes so magnificent, so marvellous, that you cannot conceive anything can be better than this. And once you are in, all those drugs look stupid, because you were just dreaming and deceiving yourself. But they are simple and cheap.

Spacing in is costly. You have to pay for it, by your effort, by your constant effort in spite of many failures. It is a real growth. It takes time. But it is worth, millions times more worth than the whole world — because it will give you a new vision, which transforms this ordinary world into an extraordinary ecstasy.

Source – Osho Book “Last Testament, Vol 6″

2 thoughts on “Osho – Why are people spacing out instead of in?”
  1. What if you use the drug as an aid to look/work within? I’ve only used marijuanna of the ones you listed. Far more powerful than given credit for good and bad. Also, why would OM place them here?

    1. Osho had advised not to use drugs. As it is another trick of mind that it is using marijuanna as an aid to meditation. if one is sincere then the person will succeed in meditation..

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