Osho on Tears and Frozen Heart

[A sannyasin says that in a group the leader told him he had a frozen heart. He has many tears coming up which he has always pushed down before. Osho checks his energy.]

Osho – The heart is frozen… and the tears are the beginning of its melting. The more you allow tears, the more the heart will melt. And because you have never really cried in your life, the heart has forgotten
how to melt. But it is beginning to. It is again getting the spark… it is sprouting.

So don’t be worried about why you are crying – sometimes for sadness, good, sometimes in joy, good. Sometimes even if there is a mixed feeling – on the one hand it is sad and on another hand it is delightful – don’t be worried about it. Just go on pouring yourself out in your tears.

Tears are one of the most beautiful things. They unburden you and they cleanse your vision… not only the physic vision. They cleanse the physical vision – tears are basically meant to clear the dust from the eyes – but spiritually also they cleanse the vision. The capacity to see becomes clearer, innocent, and the heart starts melting.

Tears are the language of the heart. Just as thoughts are the language of the mind, tears are the language of the heart. Tears are the poetry of the heart. It doesn’t matter whether you are crying in sadness or happiness. What matters is that you are crying, that you are totally in it. And don’t hold them! Don’t hesitate, don’t feel embarrassed, don’t feel shy. Become like a small child. Don’t judge, and soon they will be coming like a flood. And with their coming your heart will start functioning again. It will start getting warmth, it will become alive. And in the shadow, love will grow.

So their diagnosis is right – that the heart is frozen, but it is on the way to melting. Just a little cooperation from your side and it can melt. And once it has melted, you will know for the first time what life is. A frozen heart means that half your being – and the most important part – is dead! Then you live only in the head. All that is intuitive is paralysed and feeling is paralysed… and all that is beautiful in life come through that part. Thought never gives you any glimpse of beauty. It is a calculating machine, it is a computer. It is good for its work but it cannot give you joy because it knows no poetry, it knows no mystery. It knows no wonder, no awe… and it cannot! If it knows wonder and awe it will not be able to calculate, so it is a natural division of labour.

The head is not given any feeling so that it can calculate perfectly. Feeling can be a disturbance. Doing mathematics and your eyes are full of tears – it won’t do! Looking at a rose flower, your eyes full of tears – it will do. The rose will be far more beautiful, incredibly more beautiful than it can be without…. With those tears the rose will have a splendour that it cannot have without.

Tears are perfectly good when you are looking at a woman with deep love. Tears are perfectly good when you are looking at the moon and the heart is throbbing. Tears are good for beauty, truth, goodness, god, but that is a totally different world. The head cannot cope with it; the head is not meant to cope with it. It is another kind of instrument for the market-place… and you need some instrument for the marketplace too, for the day to day affairs.

So nothing is wrong in it, but what has happened – and not only to you, to many people – is that they have become hooked with one part of their being, and that part is not so valuable as the part that has become paralysed. This addiction has to be dropped. One should be free to move. Sometimes when you need calculations, calculate; you need logic, you use logic, but you are free to move. The free person uses the mind as a dial. He can use the head, he can use the heart, he can use intellect, he can use intuition, he can use thought, he can use feeling… and he is free; he is beyond all these! He can move the dial as he wants, and he can have any instrument that is needed, functioning. He is not hooked with any particular instrument. I am not saying to be hooked with the heart. Be free and floating.

Something beautiful is coming up. These few months have been really significant for you. And if you can go on moving in the same direction, your real life has started now… unfortunately a little late, but still fortunate, because for a few it never starts. They die without knowing what life is, and the joys of life.

Source – Osho Book “Only Losers Can Win in This Game”

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