Osho on Enlightenment - Samadhi

Question  – ”Does this happening occur suddenly and unexpectedly?”

Osho : Both things can be said. It cannot be predicted, so it happens suddenly. Nobody can say when it will happen. My own disciples go on asking me, ”When? Give the date, the day, the month, the year!”

And I have to go on lying to them. I go on saying, ”Soon!” Soon doesn’t mean anything. And soon is a beautiful word, because I need never change it. Whenever you ask I will say, ”Soon!” The happening is unpredictable because it is so vast a phenomenon. And it is not mechanical, it is not mathematical, so you cannot conclude about it.

And it is very mysterious; when it has happened, only then you know that it has happened. So in a sense, because it is unpredictable it is always sudden. Even you don’t know when it will happen. Suddenly one day when it has happened you become aware that it has happened.

Not even a single moment before will you be aware that this is going to happen. You will become aware only when it has happened already. Then you will feel that you are no more the same, the man who was there has disappeared and a new man is there in his place – somebody new. You are unacquainted, you cannot recognize yourself.

There has been a gap, the old continuity has been broken and something new has come into its place. Even your master cannot predict it. He may become aware that something is going to happen, but he cannot predict it. There are problems – because even the prediction will change the whole situation.

This is the problem, even the prediction will change it. If I become aware that something is going to happen to you tomorrow morning, I cannot say it because that will change the whole situation. If I say, ”Tomorrow morning this is going to happen,” you will become tense and you will start expecting and you will start waiting.

You will not be able to sleep in the night. Then the whole thing is finished, then it is not going to happen tomorrow morning. Even if your master becomes aware… because there are signs that show that something is going to happen.

Your master can see that you are pregnant, he can feel, but it is not such a fixed affair that within nine months the child will be born. You may take nine years, you may take nine lives, you may not take even nine days; even nine moments may be enough.

It depends, and it depends on such multidimensional things that nothing can be said. And if something is said, the very assertion will change the whole situation. So the master has to wait, just watch and not say anything.

In this sense it is sudden, but in another sense it is not sudden, because you have to make efforts for it, you have to prepare. You have to prepare the ground, you have to open the doors. The guest may come suddenly, but if your doors are closed he may come and go back.

So you have to open the doors, you have to clean the house, you have to prepare food for the guest – you have to be ready. You have to watch and wait at the door – any moment the guest can come.

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