Osho on Upanishads Metaphor

Osho – So you live in two dimensions, on two planes. In the Upanishads they have the story, the parable or the metaphor, of two birds living in the same tree, absolutely alike. One bird sitting on the highest branch, utterly quiet, silent, unmoving, doing nothing, with closed eyes, somewhere in.

The other bird on the lowest branches, jumping from one branch to another, hankering for this flower, for that fruit, competing with this or with that, jealous of this and that – in a continuous restlessness. Slowly slowly, the bird, the restless bird, becomes tired of restlessness.

And one day he looks up and sees the other bird who is exactly like him – exactly like him, just a replica – and is so silent, is so restful, is so calm, so collected, as if the other bird exists not. There is only silence.

The restless bird becomes attracted by this magic, starts moving towards the upper branch… the beginning of disciplehood. comes closer and closer and closer and closer, and finally become one with the other bird.

And the Upanishads say these two birds are not two: two aspects of consciousness. And each one has these two aspects. On the tree of life your innermost witness is sitting right now. The Lotus Flower is blooming in all its beauty and grandeur and splendour.

And you are jumping from one branch to another – competing, jealous, angry, hateful, fighting, doing a thousand and one things and getting frustrated and frustrated….

Look up! And remember, ’look up’ means exactly what is meant by ’look in’. ’Look out’ means ’look down’; ’look up’ means ’look in’ – they are synonymous. Look up or look in, and suddenly there is a being sitting inside you, a Buddha.

And one starts moving, attracted by the charisma, by the magic of this silence, and one day becomes one with the innermost core. All changes happen to this restless bird – the rising moon, the waning moon. Nothing happens to the other bird – the witness – it is always the same.

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