Osho on Body levitation

Osho : When you are happy you always feel weightless; when you are sad you always feel more weight, as if something is pulling you down. The gravitation becomes much more. When you are sad, you are more weighty. When you are happy, you are light. You feel it. Why? Because when you are happy, whenever you feel a blissful moment, you forget the body completely. When you are sad, suffering, you cannot forget the body, you feel the weight of it.

It pulls you down – down to the earth, as if you are rooted. Then you cannot move; you have roots in the earth. In happiness you are weightless. In sorrow, sadness, you become weighty. In deep meditation, when you forget your body completely, you can levitate. Even the body can go up with you. It happens many times. Scientists have been observing one woman in Bolivia.

While meditating she goes up four feet, and now it has been observed scientifically; many films have been taken, many photographs. Before thousands and thousands of observers suddenly the woman goes up and gravity becomes nil, nullified. As of yet there is no explanation for what is happening, but that same woman cannot go up while not in meditation.

And if her meditation is disturbed, suddenly she falls down. What happens? Deep in meditation you forget your body completely, and the identification is broken. The body is a very small thing; you are very big, you have infinite power. The body has nothing in comparison to you.

It is as if an emperor has become identified with his slave, so as the slave goes begging, the emperor goes begging; as the slave weeps, the emperor weeps. When the slave says, ”I am no one,” the emperor says, ”I am no one.” Once the emperor recognizes his own being, once he recognizes that he is the emperor and this man is just a slave, everything will change suddenly.

You are infinite power identified with a very finite body. Once you realize your self, then weightlessness becomes more and the weight of the body less. Then you can levitate, the body can go up. There are many, many stories which cannot yet be proven scientifically, but they will be proven…

because if one woman can go up four feet, then there is no barrier. Another can go a thousand feet, another can go completely into the cosmos. Theoretically there is no problem: four feet or four hundred feet or four thousand feet, it makes no difference.

There are stories about Ram and about many others who have disappeared completely with the body. Their bodies were never found dead on this earth. Mohammed disappeared completely – not only with his body; it is said he disappeared with his horse also. These stories look impossible, they look mythological, but they are not necessarily so.

Once you know the weightless force, you have become the master of gravity. You can use it; it depends on you. You can disappear completely with your body.

5 thoughts on “Osho on Weighlessness and Body levitation”
  1. “Scientists have been observing one woman in Bolivia. While meditating she goes up four feet, and now it has been observed scientifically; many films have been taken, many photographs”

    I would really appreciate it to get a link or a proof for this claim.

  2. This is strange. Osho mocked Maharishi Mahesh Yogi because he taught levitation. Osho said you have to be an idiot to believe in that.

    1. Thank you for your reply jeanpolo – I didn’t know about Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. This is what happens when someone else tries to pass down the thoughts of an other person!

  3. it is his way to teach or spread hsi messges i know mystery r so vast beyond anybody can know it dif man has dif power like milerapa in tibet he used to fly , everybody has it oshi aslos has some hypontsit power he was very good in it , everthinh new comes from unkown and nobody know what it wil come to u, what nature wil show u , somtime without effort , sometime great search , folwo yr heart what u can see though yr eyes evethings is welcome , may be he say somthing agasit power but pople so so much after him bec he has some uniqueness , u called it power or anything , i see marhsi yogi vedio too they jump somwhat agaist gravity , now there is nobody on earh to prove it that he can fly , everybody is dif in his aspect ram was avtar but he can not fly m hanuman as not his disciple but he used to fly , nobody si infeior or supeopr mater what u r , how u work to rasie yr consciousnesses which means u take and what u get and that way u wil each , budda wil teach u vippsana and patanjali wil teach u yoga u wil teach what u know though u , and that is more autentic u have good comanad over it u feel it , it is yr asnwer and so find it u do not need any guru or anything u wil feed of of guru if i realy keen seekr nothig will work , yr intilgence ,mind , inuitio wil worl only

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