Osho - Meditation lead to Samadhi

Question : Will Meditation lead to Samadhi?

Osho : In the beginning effort will be needed. Unless you are beyond the mind, effort will be needed. Once you are beyond the mind there is no need of effort, and if it is still needed that means you are not beyond the mind.

A bliss that needs effort is of the mind. A bliss that does not need any effort has become natural, it is of the being; then it is just like breathing. No effort is needed – not only no effort, but no alertness is needed. It continues. Now it is not something added to you; it is you. Then it becomes samadhi.

Dhyan, meditation is effort; samadhi is effortlessness. Meditation is effort; ecstasy is effortlessness. Then you do not need to do anything about it. That is why I say that unless you come to a point where meditation becomes useless, you have not achieved the goal. The path must become useless. If you have achieved the goal, if you have come to the goal, the path is useless.

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