Osho on respecting oneself

[A sannyasin who has just arrived says: I feel better.]

Osho – Mm Mm, you are better and you will become better every day. One just has to accept the idea that one can be better and one starts becoming better.

People are very miserly in accepting happiness; nothing else is a barrier. It is just that people cannot believe that they can be happy, this is the barrier. And if you can’t believe that you can be happy, how can you be? People believe in unhappiness, they are great believers in unhappiness; they believe in hell. They talk about heaven but they believe in hell, they talk about god but they believe in the devil.

In fact they talk about heaven only so that they can believe in hell because without heaven there will be no hell. They talk about happiness so that they can feel really miserable; in comparison to happiness they can see how unhappy they are. But they don’t accept this simple truth which can transform their life immediately, instantly – that life is meant to be blissful, that it is just normal to be blissful. Not to be blissful should be a rare thing, a freak-out.

If people could accept happiness, joy, peace, silence, then buddhahood would be the normal course of life; everybody would be a Buddha. Only once in a while a person may not be a Buddha; that can be accepted. Health is normal, disease should not be normal. Sanity is normal, madness should not be normal. And buddhahood is nothing but sanity, utter sanity, sheer health.

But this is the most difficult thing for people to understand, it takes them so long a time to accept a simple thing – that they can be happy, that they are worthy of being happy, that god has created them to be happy, otherwise he would not have created them, that they are already accepted, that this existence needs them, that they are not useless, that they must be fulfilling some function in this vast complexity of life.

Once one starts accepting and respecting oneself, life starts changing, joy arises. There is no need to better yourself, you start becoming better; it simply starts happening more and more every day. And the more it comes, the more trusting you are that it is possible; then it becomes easier. It simply depends on you, on how much you can receive; that much will be given to you. So open your heart. Become a receptacle, an infinite receptacle. Then god becomes a guest in your being. This time something is going to happen!

Source – Osho Book “Don’t Bite My Finger, Look Where I’m Pointing”

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