Osho on Vertical energy

Osho – Meditation means becoming absolutely silent, still, serene, as if nothing moves inside, everything stops — the mind, time. There comes a full stop to all movement. In that full stop, when the ordinary movement of the mind stops, you start moving into a now dimension. The ordinary movement of the mind is horizontal. When it stops, the energy cannot stop. Energy is basically dynamic, so when the horizontal movement stops, energy changes its movement to a new dimension; it becomes vertical.

Once the energy becomes vertical you are joined to god. That change from horizontal to vertical is meditation. You just have to drop all the old known movements of the mind so the energy accumulates and has to find a new path. It cannot remain static, remember. This is the whole strategy of meditation.

Because energy cannot remain static there is hope. If you stop the energy moving as it has always done, in thoughts, desires, memories, imagination, dreams, when you cut out all these, when you put a full stop there as if the road had ended… Energy cannot remain static, it is essentially dynamic. So when the old movement completely stops it takes a new turn, absolutely new — you are not even aware that such a possibility ever existed. From being horizontal it becomes vertical.

That is the symbol of the Christian cross. Christians have missed its meaning, they think it is just a cross. But it is part of the old eastern symbol, the swastika; it is just a part of the swastika. The swastika is a cross with a few more things added to it; but the cross is the middle section of the swastika. The cross symbolises these two possibilities. One is horizontal — Jesus’ hands are crucified on the horizontal and the whole of his body is on the vertical. His hands represent work, action, and his whole body represents rest, relaxation. The vertical means relaxation and rest.

So once your energy stops moving in the old structure and pattern a new door opens for you. You cannot open it because you don’t know where it is. All that you can do is stop the old flow and let it find the new route. Because energy can move only in two ways there is no problem; if the horizontal is blocked it has to move vertically; it will find its own way. That’s why I say meditation is the bridge between man and god — it is divine.

Source – Osho Book “I Am Not As Thunk As You Drink I Am”

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