Osho – All depends on the mind. Ultimately all is our attitude. If we suffer, we suffer because of our wrong attitude, because of our wrong mind. Because we have created a mind which suffers, because we have cultivated a suffering mind, we suffer. If we create a bliss-mind, bliss follows.

Ultimately everything can be reduced to your attitude, to your approach. The same thing can be a source of suffering or of bliss: it depends on how you interpret it. So remember not to go on interpreting negatively; start interpreting positively.

Even in the darkest night go on searching for and finding a star; it is always there. In fact millions of stars are there, and the darker the night, the more they are there, the more brilliant they are. Don’t look at the darkness, look at the stars, and then you will see the darkness is not against the stars. It gives a contrast; it is complementary. That’s why in the day you cannot see the stars: the day is against them. The night is not against them, the night is in total support. Death is in support of life.

So never look for the wrong; if you look it is there. If you look too much in darkness and look for the darkness, stars start disappearing, and then there is only darkness and gloom and suffering and hell – and you have created it!

If you look at the stars, by and by it is not only that you see the stars; by and by the meaning of the darkness is transformed too. You start looking at darkness as something beautiful, something that allows the stars to be. Then the darkness becomes the very mother of the stars.

And that life that can see darkness as the very mother of light, that consciousness that can see nothingness as the source of all, that can see the thorns as protection for the rose, is religious. Then those thorns are just servants – serving the rose, helping the rose to be there; they are not against it, they are not enemies.

Once you start looking at the positive, all negativity disappears..The things are still the same but a new gestalt arises in the mind, a new pattern. That pattern is what religion is, and this is my message in your name.

Source: from Osho Book “The Further Shore”

3 thoughts on “Osho – Once you start looking at the Positive, all Negativity disappears”
  1. So true, Osho, thank you!
    It requires constant awareness in order to understand the negativity. The negative mind is something we have been brought up with. It is so powerful that a moment of unawareness and it is there spoiling all your life:)
    Negativity is part of the ego – as long as there is some ego remaining in you, you will be kept pulled toward negativity, creating more and more negative attitude.
    Awareness itself is positivity, it keeps you aloof from all the misery others want to impose on you simply because they are in the misery.

  2. Osho is the ocean of immense happiness where lie no rocks, only the endless blue water which quenches your thirst. Long live his views.

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