Osho - One has to go inward

[A sannyasin says: I’m feeling a bit more inward these days and meditations are feeling good to me.]

Osho – One has to go inward. And you have roamed outward long enough – it is time to go inward! Have the taste of the inner now. And once you have tasted the inner then there is nothing in the outer. Once you have seen the inner beauty, the outer simply pales, is reduced to nothing; it is only a reflection.

If you have seen the real moon, who bothers about the moon reflected in a mirror? The outer world is just a reflection of the inner. That’s very good. Go, go whole-heartedly. The mind may create trouble. The mind will say ’What is happening? What are you doing? This way you will be isolated, you will become alone, you will be cut off from people.’

The mind will find so many excuses to go out – don’t listen. You are not being cut off from people; you are only getting joined together with yourself. And when one is oneself, when one is joined with oneself, then only can one be with others; there is no other way. If you are not yourself, if you have not known what your inner reality is, all your relationships are just bogus, just games to keep you occupied… of no value. The real relationship arises only when you are, when you are rooted, centred, in your being. Then you can spread your hands, then you can embrace somebody and you can love. And that love will have a totally different flavour – the flavour of freedom.

So don’t be distracted by the mind. The mind is the devil in the old scriptures, mm? You read that Jesus is tempted by the devil. That devil is nobody else but the mind, the old name for the mind, a mythological name for the mind. It always tempts, it always says ’Go out – do this, be that. Don’t waste your time sitting and gazing at your navel.’ Inwardness is not an accepted value in the world of the mind because they are polar opposites. If you become inward, the mind has to die. The mind can exist only if you remain without and never come within. So beware! The devil will tempt you. And the devil is not somewhere else; it is just your mind.

If one is alert, slowly slowly one understands that there is no need to be distracted by the mind. And once you have entered into your being, there is no fear; then the mind cannot do anything. Then the mind becomes a beautiful servant. The mind is a beautiful servant but a very ugly master. So allow it.

Source – Osho Book “The Madman’s Guide to Enlightenment”

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