Osho - if you hate others

Osho – The energy is the same; whether it becomes destruction or creation depends on one’s choice. The energy in itself is neutral – you can use it this way or that. Millions of people have decided to be destructive because they think that if they are destructive to others they are not going to be destructive to themselves.

They think that to protect themselves, to be safe, to be secure, the only way is to be destructive to the world, to others. But their whole logic is against nature; it doesn’t happen, it can’t happen. If you are destructive to others you will be destructive to yourself. Whatsoever you are to others, you will be to yourself.

That is one of the most fundamental laws of life: if you hate others, you will hate yourself; if you hate yourself, you will hate others. If you love yourself, you will love others and vice versa. We cannot divide our life: we cannot be hateful towards others and loving towards ourselves, that’s impossible. There is no demarcation possible because life is an undivided whole.

One who begins in love, one who becomes a blessing to others, finally comes to know that he has become a blessing to himself. By giving to others, you get. Life only goes on responding. If you sing a song, it comes back enhanced… enhanced a thousandfold.

Become a blessing – that is the way to be blessed. In every possible way avoid being destructive to anybody, and slowly slowly you will see your misery disappearing. And when there is no misery, there is bliss. Bliss is our nature. It is just that we have created so much misery around ourselves that we cannot see what is natural, what is already there.

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