Osho on perfect sincerity

Osho – All guarantees are because of insincerity. You guarantee, you promise, you say: This is the guarantee, I will do this. While you are giving the guarantee, at that very moment the insincerity is there.

Perfect sincerity offers no guarantee because perfect sincerity is so aware, aware of many things. First, the future is unknown. How can you make a guarantee? Life changes every moment, how can you promise? All guarantee, all promising, can be only for this moment, not for the next. For the next moment nothing can be done. You will have to wait.

If you are really sincere and love a woman you cannot say, “I will love you for my whole life.” If you say this, you are a liar. This guarantee is false. But if you love, this moment is enough. The woman will not ask for your whole life. This moment, if love is there, it is so fulfilling that one moment is enough for many lives. A single moment of love is eternity; she will not ask. But now she is asking because this moment there is no love. So she asks, “What is the guarantee? Will you love me always?”

This moment there is no love and she is asking for a guarantee. This moment there is no love and you guarantee for the future — because only through that guarantee can you deceive at this moment. You can create a beautiful picture of the future and you can hide the ugly picture of the present. You say, “Yes, I will love you forever and forever. Even death will not part us.” What nonsense! What insincerity! How can you do this?

You can do this and you do it so easily because you are not aware of what you are saying. The next moment is unknown; where it will lead, no one knows, what will happen, no one knows, no one can know it.

Unknowability is part of the future game. How can you guarantee? At the most you can say, “I love you this moment and this moment I feel — this is a feeling of this moment — that even death cannot part us. But this is a feeling of this moment. This is not a guarantee. This moment I feel like saying that I will always and always love you, but this is a feeling of this moment, this is no guarantee. What will happen in the future nobody knows. We never knew about this moment so how can we know about other moments? We will have to wait. We will have to be prayerful that it happens, that I love you for ever and ever, but this is not a guarantee.”

Perfect sincerity cannot give any guarantee. Perfect sincerity is so sincere that it cannot promise: it gives whatsoever it can give here and now. Perfect sincerity lives in the present, it has no idea of the future.

Mind moves in the future, being lives here and now. And perfect sincerity belongs to the being, not to the mind. Love, truth, meditation, sincerity, simplicity, innocence, all belong to the being. The opposites belong to the mind and to hide the opposites the mind creates false coins: false sincerity, which guarantees, promises; false love, which is just a name for duty; false beauty, which is just a face for inner ugliness. Mind creates false coins, and nobody is deceived, remember, except yourself.

Source: Osho Book “The Empty Boat”

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