OSHO – ‘When sexual energy isn’t flowing as it should, it creates many problems.If the sexual energy is flowing perfectly well then everything hums rightly, everything remains in accord. Then you are simply in tune and there is a kind of equilibrium. Once the sexual energy gets stuck somewhere there are repercussions all over the body.

And they will come first in the head, because sex and the head are at opposite poles. That’s why people who are too heady start losing track of their orgasmic qualities. They forget about their sexual energies. These energies are either neglected or repressed. They remain in their head, their whole joy is there. Their whole body suffers and the head becomes like a dictator.

Just start doing two things: every morning, after your sleep, stand in the middle of the room and start shaking the whole body. Become a shaker — shake the whole body from the toe to the head and feel that it is almost orgasmic…as if it is giving you a sexual orgasm. Enjoy it, nourish it, and if you start feeling that you would like to make a few sounds, make them, and just enjoy it — for ten minutes.Then rub the whole body with a dry towel and take a shower. Do this every morning, and within two or three weeks the balance will come.”

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