Osho on Sannyas

Osho – Sannyas means a radical change in your life style
Turning your energies inwards
A one-hundred-eighty degree turn is needed.
And bliss is there, just you have to turn in.
You have to become again rooted in your being.
You have become uprooted,
That’s why you are miserable.

Once you gain roots again
Into the soil of your being
There will be great greenery and great flowering
And life will become a joy.

Each moment then is so lovely, is so ecstatic
That even Alexander the Great
Will find himself poorer in comparison.
He had really found him poorer in comparison
When he came to India and met few mystics.
He wept! — because he could see the point
That he has wasted his life
And these people have nothing, still
They are so blissful, so peaceful
As if they own the whole world.
And I own the whole world and I am so miserable.
So what is the point of owning the whole world?

In fact there is no point — but it was to late.
He had gone back with a deep decision in his mind
That one he is back home
He will start pondering over the matter
Of inner journey, of inner conquest because
He has heard many stories here…
Buddha was still in the air —
Just three hundred years had passed:
Buddha was still very much alive.
When Alexander came, Buddha’s vibe
Was still very much all over the country.
Wherever he went he found many enlightened people
Buddha had left a great chain
Of enlightened people.
And wherever he went he heard the name of Buddha
And the bliss that he had attained
And the truth and the ultimate.

He went with the decision
But he could not reach home — he died in the middle
He never reached back home, it was too late.
Otherwise this man had power, had the energy.
If he could conquer the whole world
He could have conquered himself too,

But nobody had told him.
He was being taught by
A stupid philosopher, Plato.
He was just a philosopher, he was not a mystic.
Although he had lived with Socrates
And he had reported Socrates very authentically
He was a good tape recorder, but that’s all,
A good computer, but that’s all.
He himself was not a mystic.
He himself was in search of some mystic.

When Alexander was coming to India
He had asked him that, ‘At least
Bring one sannyasin from India for me as a gift.’
But no sannyasin was ready to go.

Sannyasins are not interested in going anywhere
They are interested in going only inwards
Because that is where their real home is.
To go in and become victorious.

Source – Osho Book “No Man Is an Island”

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