[Osho gives sannyas to a baby, and addresses the parents.]

Osho – Prem Vega. Prem means love; Vega is the name of the brightest star – love, the brightest star. Every child represents love, brings love. Every child is a creation of love. Every child is a poem, and every child brings great hope into the world. If the society does not destroy the child, then each child is bound to become a Jesus or a Buddha.

But the society destroys, and destroys in beautiful names: in the name of the nation, church, in the name of religion, country. Beautiful labels, but all destructive. The society destroys in such subtle ways that the child is almost helpless.

Sannyasin parents have to be aware; they have to help the child to be himself or herself. Create a loving space around the child. Give your being unconditionally, but don’t impose your ideas on the child. Give your love but not your ideology.

If a child is given love, protection, nourishment, without being manipulated into being a Christian or a Hindu or a Mohammedan, the world can become paradise, because then each individual will be really an individual and each individual will be a bright star.

We destroy intelligence, we create stupid people, because stupid people are obedient. The society is very much afraid of intelligence because intelligence is always radical and rebellious. The society wants as many slaves as possible; it wants machines not men.

Remember it: help the child to become a dignified human being who can risk all for his love, for his freedom; who can risk even his life just to remain himself. That’s the purpose of the real mother, the real father, the real parent. That should be the purpose of the whole education. Right now it is just the opposite.

Source: from Osho Book “The Rainbow Bridge”

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