Question – Beloved Master, Why am I Tired of Sex?
Osho – Sandhan, sex is tiring — and that’s why I say to you: Don’t avoid it. Unless you know its stupidity you will not be able to get rid of it. Unless you know its sheer wastage, you will not be able to transcend it.

It is good that you have started feeling tired — that is natural. Sex simply means energy being dissipated downwards. The energy has to move upwards, then it is nourishing. Then it opens inexhaustible treasures in you — aes dhammo sanantano. But if you go on and on into sex like a maniac, soon you will find yourself utterly exhausted, wasted.

A newly married couple go to Niagara Falls for their honeymoon. When they arrive, they immediately check into a hotel and are not heard of for three days, no room service or anything. After a while the manager gets a bit worried, so he decides to check up on them.
He knocks on the door, hears a little scurrying in the room, and then a pale-looking man opens the door with just his shorts on. “We were worried,” said the manager.
“Well, we just got married,” replied the man.
“I understand,” says the manager, “but you have one of the great wonders of the world….”
At that a tiny voice from the back of the room interrupts, “If you show that thing to me one more time, I will jump out of the window.”

You don’t get it! …Three days continuously — the woman is bound to jump out of the window.
Man can go on living stupidly only to a certain extent — beyond that he has to become aware of what he is doing to himself. Sandhan, it is time now. There are far more important things in life than sex. Sex is not all. It is significant, but not all. If you remain trapped in it you will miss all the glories of life.

And I am not against sex, remember. That’s why my teaching becomes a little contradictory. I am a paradox. I cannot help it because truth itself is a paradox. I am not against sex, because those who are against sex, they will always remain sexual. I am for sex, because if you go deep into it you will come out of it soon. The more consciously you go into it, the sooner you will come out of it. And the day when a person comes out of sex totally is a day of great blessing.

It is good that you are feeling tired. Now don’t go to a physician for some medicine — that won’t help, or that may only postpone your tiredness a little bit more. If you are feeling tired that simply shows that you have come to the point from where you can jump out of it.

What is the point of remaining in it if you are feeling tired? Get out of it! And I am not saying repress it. When you are feeling much energy for it and you try to get out, there will be repression. But when you are exhausted and tired and you see the futility of it, you can come out of it without repression. And to come out of sex without repression is to be free of it. Freedom from sex is a great experience. Freedom from sex makes your energies available for meditation, for samadhi.
Enough for today.

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