Osho : The master represents only your real self; he speaks to you only to provoke the sleeping center of your being. Once the center is awake the master becomes silent with the disciple. There is a Sufi story about Bahauddin, one of the great Sufi mystics.

He was living with his disciples, a few hundred disciples, in the desert. A few travelers passing by thought just out of curiosity to see what was happening, so they went to the monastery and asked permission. They wanted just to see what was happening and they could not believe their eyes: hundreds of people were looking crazy. Somebody was dancing, somebody was shouting, somebody was talking to the sky, and it was all chaos.

They said, “This man, Bahauddin, seems to be insane and he has gathered all kinds of insane people here. What is going on?” And Bahauddin was sitting just in the middle of it all.

They went away to their destination. When they were coming back, again out of curiosity they thought, “What is happening now? We should go and see.”

They went there. Bahauddin was still sitting in the same place and all the disciples who had been shouting and looking crazy just a few months before were all sitting in silence, as if no one was there. The monastery was so quiet, so utterly quiet.

Now they were even more puzzled: “What has happened? Where has all that insanity gone?” Not a single word was uttered by Bahauddin, not a question was asked by the disciples. The spectators remained there for a few minutes and then they went away.

After a few years they were again passing by and they said, “Now let us see what is happening.” They went there; Bahauddin was still sitting in the middle and there was not a single disciple around; the whole monastery was empty. Now they could not contain their curiosity, more so because Bahauddin was alone. They thought, “Why not ask him?”

So they asked. “When we first came a few years ago,” they said, “all hell was loose, and we thought that you were mad and your followers were mad. What was happening at that time?”

Bahauddin said, “Catharsis. They were throwing out the insanities that they had gathered in many many lives because of you people, because of a repressive society, because of an insane society. I was allowing them to throw it out, to get rid of it.” The people asked, “Then what happened? When we came back they were all silent!”

Bahauddin said, “They threw out all that was inside and nothing was left; they became sane. Hence they were sitting in silence.”

Those people said, “We can understand these two things. But what has happened now? Where have they gone?”

Bahauddin said, “Now they have gone to spread the message. Now there is no more for them to do. They have tasted the nectar; now they have gone to the farthest corners of the earth to bring more crazy people. And next time when you come you will again find the same thing happening: crazy people throwing out all their craziness.”

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