Osho - Surrender to the universe

Osho – Dhamma Klaus. Dhamma means the ultimate law, the law that keeps the whole universe together, the very core of existence, the center, the soul. And Klaus means victory. The only way to be victorious is to be with the law and not against it. One can choose to be against it – that freedom is ours – but if we choose to be against the law, we are committing suicide.

It is a slow suicide – one may not even become aware because it is so slow – but only one dies against the law; one cannot live. Life is with the law, and the more you are with it, the more alive you are. To be totally immersed in it is to know life at its ultimate peak, to know the climax of life, to know the orgasmic joy of life.

And millions of people are miserable for the simple reason they are fighting against something which is our very nourishment, which is our very life. If you fight with it you destroy yourself; you cannot destroy it. It is like hitting your head against a mountain: your head will be shattered into pieces. You cannot shatter the mountain by hammering it with your head.

The ultimate law – call it God; truth, Tao – is so huge, so enormous, that we are just drops against the ocean. The very idea of fighting it is stupid. The intelligent person surrenders: the unintelligent fights. And the beauty of surrender is that it brings victory. Fight brings failure, surrender brings victory.

And this is the whole message of sannyas: surrender. Surrender to the universe, surrender to the cosmic principle, surrender to God, and then nothing can destroy you and nothing can defeat you. Surrendered to the ultimate you become the ultimate. When the dewdrop disappears into the ocean it becomes the ocean. And that’s what victory is all about.

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