Osho on being in love with existence

Osho – Prem Hasibo. Prem means love and Hasibo is a sufi name for God. It means: one who satisfies all needs. The full name will mean: love, the god that satisfies all needs. And love is the ultimate need. Everything else is secondary. Everything else is just a means to that great end. If love happens then all has happened; if love does not happen then nothing has happened, the whole of life has just been a wasteland.

And it is very rare that love blooms, because the soil that the society provides is not adequate for it. In fact, it obstructs it. It poisons the seed. It teaches people to be full of hate, anger, ambition, possessiveness.

Society is founded not on love but on hate. It depends on struggle, violence, war. It can’t afford love. Love will take away the whole foundation on which it stands. For millions of years society has remained that way. And unless society’s foundation is changed, it will not become a really human phenomenon. It will remain something between the animal and the man, a half-way house. Society goes on carrying all the violence that is there in the animals and has dropped all the love that is there. In terms of heart, it is not evolution; it is a degradation. And as far as that is concerned, christians are right – that man has fallen from grace, that man has committed some original sin.

I may not agree with their details about what sin man has committed – I may not agree, but some sin has been committed. The whole of society has taken a wrong direction. The direction has to be changed, and one has to begin with oneself because there is no other beginning; you cannot begin with the other.

Take the risk of being in love with existence. It is risky because nobody will support you. It is risky because even your own mind will be against it. It is risky because you will fail, fail utterly in this world and the ways of this world. But to fail in the ways of the world is to succeed in the eyes of God. That’s what Jesus means when he says ’Those who are the first in this life will be the last in my kingdom of God,’ and vice versa. The person who succeeds in a hateful society succeeds because he is more violent than others, more cunning than others, more clever, more manipulating, more pseudo, than others. He succeeds only by selling his soul. And only the man who cannot succeed in this life can succeed in the other. Yes, those who are the last will be the first. And lovers are the last here. They lose all but they protect the most precious thing.

So become more loving and remember that if you love, God is always there to satisfy all your needs. Trust, and whatsoever is needed is always given. If it is not given, that simply shows it is not needed. Sometimes pain is needed, then pain is given. Sometimes shocks are needed, so shocks are given. And sometimes it is sadness, misery, that brings maturity – then it is given. Sometimes it is poverty that brings to inner richness, then it is given. But always remember: whatsoever is given, is needed, and whatsoever is needed, is always given. That is the meaning of ’Hasibo’: become love and become trust. And I have been waiting for you for a long time! You have come home. You have knocked on many doors in vain – now let this door be the last….

Source – Osho Book “The 99 Names of Nothingness”

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