Osho on devotee’s vision

Osho – When a scientist looks at a certain thing he looks with a rational eye; he wants to know what it is. When a poet looks at the same thing he looks with the aesthetic eye; he wants to enjoy it. When a devotee looks at the same thing he looks with the eye of devotion; he wants to worship it.

It may be a rose flower…. A scientist looking at it, thinks of the chemicals, elements, composition, colour, of how it is made, of what it is made. He starts analysing, dissecting in his mind, categorising, labelling things, thinking of what species it belongs to, from what country it comes.

When a poet looks at the same rose flower he is not worried about what country it comes from; he is not worried about the composition, about the chemistry of the rose. He is simply interested in the alchemy of the rose, mm! – the beauty of it, the joy of it. In the scientist’s mind the rose becomes an analysis; in the poet’s mind the rose becomes a song… and it is the same rose!

It can be looked at with the eyes of devotion too. A devotee looks at the rose as if it is god manifest; for a devotee everything is god manifest. God is green in the trees, red in the rose… god is a cloud in the clouds and light in the sun rays… god is a child in a child and very very old in an old man. Everything is divine; that is the vision of the devotee.

So for a devotee the rose comes as an incarnation of god. He wants to worship it. He would like to bow down to it. He would like to surrender to it: he would like to dance and surrender around it. For the scientist the rose becomes analysis, chemistry; for the poet it becomes a song or a painting. For the devotee it becomes god himself! The devotee’s vision is the greatest vision. All other visions are partial; the devotee’s vision is the total vision.

Source: from Osho Book “The Further Shore”

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