osho on disciple letgoOsho – Deva means divine, urdhwa means upward-going – a divine upward-going. Science knows one law, the law of gravitation – that everything falls downwards, that the earth functions like a magnet and pulls things towards itself. Religion knows another kind of law – the law that things can fall upwards too. Religion calls it ”the law of grace.”

There is a Sufi story…. A Sufi mystic who was thought to be mad – as all mystics have always been thought to be – was staying with a friend. The family was a little worried because the man was unpredictable. Not to create any scene in the neighborhood they arranged for his stay in the basement of the house so nobody would know; it was underground. In the night the family was suddenly awakened by great laughter that was coming from the terrace. They rushed out – they suspected the mystic and they were right. He was rolling on the terrace and laughing madly. They asked, ”What happened? Why are you laughing like a madman and why are you rolling about?”

He said, ”Suddenly I started falling upwards! I was in the basement and I started falling upwards – that’s why I am laughing, because this has never happened to me – and suddenly I found myself on the terrace!”

The story is symbolic: one day one finds oneself falling upwards. The ordinary human being lives in the basement; his life is underground, unconscious is his life. He lives in a kind of darkness. But if a few things can be arranged, one starts falling upwards. One day one finds oneself on the terrace of life, under the open sky, full of stars, and the miracle has happened. Then there is no end to the laughter… then life and laughter are synonymous.

How can one stop laughing when one starts feeling that one is falling upwards? It looks so ridiculous, but it has been found to be so again and again, although not many people have learned the secret of it, only some thousands. Down the ages a Zarathustra, a Lao Tzu, a Mahavira, and so on, so forth. A few people have found themselves falling upwards.

That dimension is called ”urdhwa.” And I hope one day you will find yourself falling upwards! It is time to get out of the basement. Enough is enough. You have lived long in darkness and unconsciousness. The time has come to come out of the darkness, out of the tunnel. The sun is just on the horizon… it is dawn.

The orange color symbolizes the morning, the sky becoming red, ready, spreading red carpets for the sun. The orange is the color of the morning, the early morning color, symbolic that the night is over, that one need not creep and crawl into a basement, that one can start rising higher, that one can start flying.

Yes, sannyas is the art of flying… the art that stops the process of gravitation and starts the process of grace. All that is needed is a state of let-go. All that is needed is a readiness to be possessed by the upward dimension, a readiness to open to the sky. We are clinging to the earth. The sky is ready to take us, we have the wings – we just need courage. All that we need is to drop the fear of the unknown and the vast and the infinite.

So keep it in your heart that the time is very close by, and prepare for it. The meditations will unburden You and the therapy groups will help you to drop unnecessary luggage, because one who wants to fly can not carry all the nonsense-luggage that one has accumulated down the ages. If one wants to fly one has to be utterly nude, one has to drop all kinds of weights. That’s what I call the state of let-go: one has to be surrendered to God, and then miracles start happening. We are preventing them, we are hindering them, we are our own enemies.

So just don’t stand between yourself and God, that’s all. And the first lesson will be: don’t stand between me and yourself. Let there be a direct contact between me and you. Put your personality aside, don’t let your ego stand in between. This will be the first lesson in let-go. The disciple has to learn the lesson of let-go with the Master and then the same lesson has to be spread over all one’s experiences, all over one’s life. Then it becomes the state of let-go, and when the time is right and the spring has come, God descends.

Source – Osho Book “God’s Got a Thing About you”

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