Osho on the Eastern Consciousness

Osho – We use two words: BRAHMAN for universe, for the embodied form, and BRAHMA for the innermost center of consciousness. As long as we are feeling ourselves as bodies, we can never transcend brahman, the universe. The moment we become consciousness, the brahman drops; it becomes brahma. Then there is no universe, then there is just an infinite ocean of consciousness. This infinite ocean of consciousness… the moment it is realized, you are in bliss as never before – as never before.

We have known pleasures; we have known pains; we have known so-called happinesses and socalled sufferings – but never bliss. By bliss is meant a state of consciousness where happiness is not coming from out, but from within. We have known happiness always coming from the out, from without, from outside, from someone or something. It has always been something from without towards within – that has been the direction. Bliss means the total reversal of this direction: happiness coming from within, going without.

And really, the moment happiness is coming from the inner center and going out, it goes on expanding; and goes on expanding…. It goes on expanding to the infinite, and the whole universe if filled – not only you, the whole universe is filled with bliss. Just as if you drop a stone in the river and there are ripples and the ripples go on spreading, spreading, spreading – they go on spreading…. Just like this! Happiness… this bliss happens.

In your innermost center, the moment there is no known and knower, this happening happens. There are ripples, ripples of bliss. And they go spreading, and they go on spreading, they go on… and there is no end to them then. And continuously, one lives in bliss.

Because now you are the source:
This bliss cannot be destroyed.
Because now you are the source:
This bliss cannot be taken back.

Whenever something else is the source, it can be taken back; it is bound to be taken back, it can only be momentary and temporal. It is not your being, it is just a happening outside – just a foreign something outside. Bliss is unrelated to anyone; bliss is not produced by any cause; it is not causal. It is not in a particular situation; it is not related at all to anything else other than you. Can you conceive yourself in happiness, in bliss, without anyone being the cause, or anything being the cause? We have known only causal happiness. And because of this causal happiness, misery comes as a shadow, always behind it, waiting for its moment.

When you begin to feel yourself enough unto yourself, if the whole universe just drops and goes into nonexistence, it will not make any difference – THEN it will not make any difference, because now you have an inner source of happiness, an infinite source of happiness. This is your being and cannot be taken from you and cannot be destroyed; and therefore, there can be no antistate of your inner bliss.

This analysis is not meant as a philosophical doctrine – the UPANISHADS are not philosophical doctrines; they are not. They are not metaphysical; really, they are not concerned with any doctrine at all. They are paths to follow; they are ways to live; they are methods for the inner search. If words are used, they are used only to convey – not a doctrine, not a principle, but a method. Remember this! – but a METHOD.

The Indian consciousness has basically been concerned with method and not with principle. So a very wonderful phenomenon has happened in the East. The rishis say, ”Use any principle – it makes no difference. Believe in God, or not believe in God – it makes no difference. Believe that there are reincarnations, rebirths, or don’t believe – it makes no difference. Believe that there is a soul or not – it makes no difference. But use the method.” The emphasis is on the method, because they say if the method is used you will realize whatsoever is the principle – the principle is meaningless. That’s why in India, there have been nine systems, but the method has remained the same; the matter doesn’t differ at all.

Mahavira says there is no God, but achieves the same; the matter is the same. Buddha even says there is no soul – no God, no soul; but the method remains the same and he achieves the same. Hindus say there is a God, there is soul; but the method remains the same and they achieve the same. Doctrines are just jumping boards, so what board you use is irrelevant. Only JUMP! – that is relevant.

What board you use is irrelevant, because really we are concerned with the jump! If you can jump from a blue board, okay. If you can jump from a red board, okay. If you can jump from a black board, okay. We are not concerned with boards, jumping boards. We are concerned with jumping – Jump!.

That’s why yoga is the essence of the Eastern mind, not Vedant, not Buddhism, not Jainism, not Samkhya, not VAISHESHIK, no – yoga is the essence. These are all doctrines, jumping boards. The jumping board is your choice, your liking. And really, the wise ones have never argued about the jumping boards. They say, ”Okay, it is your liking, so choose the color.” You can be a Mohammedan, you can be a Christian, you can be a Hindu; or, you can even be an agnostic. And really, this is one of the wonderful things: even if you are an atheist, okay. Use the method, take the jump, and the thing will happen, because the thing is not dependent on doctrines. And the happening will be there because the happening is not dependent at all on what principle, what ideology, what ISM you follow – the happening depends on the jumping!

Because of this emphasis, the Eastern consciousness has never tried to convert anyone. They say that the mosque is as good as the temple, as any church. They say that THE BIBLE is as good as the VEDA; the KORAN is as good as the GITA. And one need not go to convert someone from a Mohammedan to a Hindu and from a Hindu to a Mohammedan – this is childish nonsense. There is no need to convert anyone.

Let him stand on his board; but let him not continue standing there – that is the thing. Let him jump! Let him jump from the Christian board; let him jump from the Mohammedan board, but let him jump – the jumping is essential. Remember this always. Only then can you go deep into the esoteric, oriental esotericism. Enough about the jumping boards – now the jumping.

Source – Osho Book “That Art Thou”

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