Osho on Fear to be Alone

Osho – To be alone is the greatest achievement. One feels always a need for the other. There is a Tremendous need for the other because something is lacking within ourselves. We have holes in our being; we stuff those holes with the presence of the other. The other somehow makes us complete, otherwise we are incomplete.

Without the other we don’t know who we are, we lose our identity. The other becomes a mirror and we can see our faces in it. Without the other we are suddenly thrown to ourselves. Great uncomfort, inconvenience arises, because we don’t know who we are. When we are alone we are in very strange company, very embarrassing company. We don’t know with whom we are.

With the other, things are clear, defined. We know the name, we know the form, we know the man or the woman — Hindu, Christian, Indian, American — there are some ways to define the other. How to define yourself?

Deep down there is an abyss… undefinable. There is an abyss… emptiness. You start merging into that. It creates fear. You become frightened. you want to rush towards the other. The other helps you to hang out, the other helps you to remain out. When there is nobody you are simply left with your emptiness.

Nobody wants to be alone. The greatest fear in the world is to be left alone. People do a thousand and one things just not to be left alone. You imitate your neighbours so you are just like them and you are not left alone. You lose your individuality, you lose your uniqueness, you just become imitators, because if you are not imitators you will be left alone.

You become part of the crowd, you become part of a church, you become part of an organization. Somehow you want to merge with a crowd where you can feel at ease, that you are not alone, there are so many people like you — so many Mohammedans like you, so many Hindus like you, so many Christians, millions of them… you are not alone.

To be alone is really the greatest miracle. That means now you don’t belong to any church, you don’t belong to any organization, you don’t belong to any theology, you don’t belong to any ideology — socialist, communist, fascist, hindu, christian, jain, buddhist — you don’t belong, you simply are. And you have learnt how to love your indefinable, ineffable reality. You have come to know how to be with yourself.

Your needs for the other have disappeared. You don’t have any loopholes, you don’t have any holes, you are not missing anything, you don’t have any flaws — you are simply happy by being yourself. You don’t need anything, your bliss is unconditional. Yes, it is the greatest miracle in the world.

Source: from Osho Book “The Discipline of Transcendence Volume1”

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  1. Thanks a lot White Lotus for surfacing up such a beautiful teaching of Osho. You simply amazing. I'd like to know your real identity if you wish. Well, whosoever you are, you are doing great job.
    Mrityunjay Pathak

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