Osho on the greatest need of man

Osho – We are here — that is more than enough proof that existence needs us. We are fulfilling a certain need; we are not useless, we are not accidental as science goes on telling people.

In these three hundred years science has created one great problem for every human being; the problem is that science has destroyed the possibility of feeling respect for oneself. And the moment a person loses respect for himself he loses all the joy of life, he loses his soul, he becomes soulless. And science has been telling and teaching everybody that man is just an accident, that the whole existence is accidental.

The very idea that we are accidental takes all sense out of life; all meaning disappears. Whether we are or not does not matter — then why bother to go on living? For what?

The greatest need of man is to be needed. The moment one feels needed life starts having ecstasy. Even if a single person needs you it gives you significance. A child needs you as a mother — that’s enough to live for. A man needs you as a wife and that’s enough to live for. A friend needs you… without you there somebody will miss you, somebody will feel lonely — that’s enough for you to feel meaningful. And the religious person is one who feels that the whole existence needs him, hence his joy is infinite.

If even one person can give you meaning by needing you, by desiring you, then you can imagine how much bliss can happen when you come to feel that the whole infinite universe needs you, that you are fulfilling some purpose. Suddenly life becomes poetry, a song. A dance arises in you, a celebration, a thankfulness. That thankfulness is prayer. That gratitude is the greatest experience. My whole effort here is to help my sannyasins to feel the significance of life.

And existence makes no conditions on you. It is not that if you do certain things only then will the love from the whole flow towards you. It is unconditional. It comes to the saint, it comes to the sinner; it makes no distinctions. When a raincloud comes and showers it does not shower more on the saint’s garden and less on the sinner’s garden; it makes no distinctions. So there are no conditions from existence that you should fulfil this, that you should do that. Human beings make conditions and destroy the beauty of love.

Existence gives you love without any conditions. Whatsoever you want, you do — that’s your freedom. God loves you as you are. But we have destroyed even the idea of god. The Old Testament god says ‘I am a very jealous god. If you worship some other god I will take revenge.’ Now this is not god’s voice. This is so ugly, the very idea that some jealous man is speaking in the name of god, that some jealous priest is wearing the mask of god, is so stupid. It is not god’s face, not god’s voice; god’s love is unconditional. And god is not a person, hence he cannot be jealous.

Jesus is far more right when he says god is love. But Christians misunderstood even that. They thought love was one of the qualities of god — that is not so. Jesus is saying that god is love, not that god is a quality or that love is a quality; he is simply making both words synonymous. Saying that god is love means god equals love. It is the same energy called by a different name. Existence is love — and to feel it is to be transformed.

Source – Osho Book “I Am Not As Thunk As You Drink I Am”

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