Question – Beloved Osho, I am afraid to meet you. trembling, shocked, alone… It means Death.

Osho – The meeting with the master has always been a kind of death, death to all that you have been, death to your past, death to your ego, death to your personality. But it is not only death, it is also resurrection: the birth of the new, the birth of the fresh and the innocent, a new sunrise on the horizon, a new unfoldment of your being. But naturally, first you have to meet the death, you have to pass through it. Resurrection can only be afterwards.

The death is what you pay for your resurrection; hence, your question is significant. You are feeling afraid coming closer to me. This is not new. This has nothing to do with you or me. This is as old as man. The ancient most scriptures in the world are the VEDAS. They describe the master as death, but a death which opens the door to the divine, certainly a death which happens only to the blessed ones.

It is no ordinary death, it is not the death of your body; it is the death that transforms you. Everything remains the same — the body, the world — yet nothing remains the same because your vision, your perspective, your way of looking has gone through such a deep mutation that although superficially everything is the same, in depth everything has changed.

You have entered a new dimension of life — the dimension of eternity, the dimension of ecstasy, the dimension which is beyond time and space. But this much courage is needed: You will have to come close to the master, you will have to go through this fire which burns only that which is false in you. Out of it, you come as twenty-four karat gold.

The function of a mystic school is to encourage you: “You need not be worried. We have passed through the test; the fire is cool and the death is a blessing.”

But if you don’t have any guts, then perhaps the time is not ripe for you, perhaps in some other life with some other master the death will happen. But why postpone? What is possible right now should not be postponed for tomorrow. Why remain in misery even for one day, even for one minute, even for one second?

The death of the ego, the death of your personality, the death of all that you have been thinking about yourself, immediately opens a door. New flowers start blossoming, new songs start stirring in your heart, new dances. You don’t walk anymore, you simply dance; you fly. The ecstasy is such, the blissfulness is such… gather just a little bit of courage.

Source – Osho Book “Beyond Enlightenment”

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