Osho – The only secret worth learning in life is the secret of being in harmony with oneself, with others, and with the existence itself. Ordinarily people are constantly in conflict; they are in conflict with existence, with others, and with themselves. This triple conflict is their whole life. Naturally it culminates in more and more misery.

Misery is symptomatic of conflict. And so is bliss symptomatic of harmony. Not being in fight, but being in a kind of love with existence, in deep trust, harmony arises. Conflict brings the ego; trust dissolves it. But one has to begin with oneself. The first step has to be taken in dropping all the inner conflict that has been taught to everybody: fight with yourself.

So many things have been said to be wrong in you that the natural outcome is fight, and in fight only energy dissipates. Nobody ever wins, because the other part that you are fighting with is you. It is as if you are making both you hands fight: there is no possibility of either of them ever being victorious, but meanwhile your life is dissipated.

Both your hands can be together, and then they can do miracles. Body, mind, soul, can be together and they can do miracles. All that you have has some intrinsic value. Nothing has to be denied, everything has to be accepted, absorbed, then one becomes an individual. That is the first step and the first is the most difficult.

Once you are in harmony with yourself, you suddenly find it so easy to be in harmony with others, because others only reflect you; they are mirrors. And when you are in harmony with others, the third harmony becomes very very simple; it comes so silently that one never even becomes aware that it has come. One becomes attuned with nature, existence. This triple harmony is what makes you aware of God… it is divine.

Source: from Osho Book “The Shadow of the Bamboo”

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