Osho on Pure Heart and Bliss

Osho – The pure heart is a basic condition for bliss to happen, but by purity I don’t mean something moral; by purity I mean innocence. A moralist is never innocent, he is very calculating. His morality is nothing but his calculation. He is bargaining with God, he is earning virtue so that he can achieve paradise and the joys and the pleasures of paradise. He is really cunning, his morality is rooted in his arithmetic. He is not innocent; no moralist is ever innocent.

It sometimes happens that an immoral person may be more innocent than the so-called moral. The immoral may be immoral only because he has not calculated about his life. He is simply living, with no idea of the consequences. He may be simple, but the moralist is never simple, he is very complex. The so-called saints are the most complex, cunning, calculative people. You will not find the innocence of a child in their being — and that’s what purity is.

A child is neither aware of the good nor the bad, that is his innocence. To become transcendental to good and bad again is purity, purity of the heart. The transcendence of duality is purity. The moralist chooses; the pure heart lives spontaneously without choosing. He lives in a choiceless way: fully alert, aware, but absolutely choiceless; available to the situation, responsible, responding — but not out of calculation. And that is the basic space in which bliss starts pouring in.

Love is the most precious diamond there is. All kohinoors are worthless compared to love. me man of love is the richest. And everybody can be rich, everybody can be an emperor through the door of love. But people are afraid to enter it.

They are afraid because at the very entrance one thing is demanded: leave yourself out, then come in. The demand is paradoxical but it can be fulfilled because you are two: the real you and the unreal you. The unreal you has to be left outside the gate and then the real you can enter the temple, the kingdom of god. But we have become so identified with the unreal that we think, “How can it be made possible? The demand seems to be impossible, How can one leave oneself behind?” Yes, it can be done. It has to be done.

That’s what sannyas is all about. It is entering into the world of love. It is becoming committed to the ultimate adventure — the adventure of dropping the ego and becoming utterly egoless, The moment you are no more an ego the whole benediction of god is yours. That is the only way to be rich, otherwise everybody lives a beggar’s life.

Source – Osho Book “Scriptures in Silence and Sermons in Stones”

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