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[A sannyasin, who is leaving says he’s feeling that, has always been separate from his body and that now he is getting more in touch. He goes up and down a lot – first feeling possessive and jealous and angry and then quite calm…. ]

Osho – Everything will change – just continue to meditate. The first basic thing is coming back to the body. If we are not in contact with our bodies we are not in contact with the earth. We are uprooted, we don’t have any roots, and without being rooted in the body nothing can be done, nothing at all. Once you get rooted in the body everything becomes possible.

These problems – jealousy, possessiveness – are all part of unrootedness. Because we are not rooted we are always afraid; because of that fear we become possessive, because of that fear we cannot trust anybody, so jealousy comes. In fact we cannot trust ourselves – that is the problem – and how can you trust yourself when you don’t have any roots in the earth? The trust comes when you have deep roots in the earth. Then, come whatsoever, you know that you will be able to stand it and you will be able to face it. Then you don’t cling to others – there is no need; you are enough alone.

So the first basic thing: don’t bring in other problems right now. The basic thing is that you start getting more and more rooted in the body. Feel the body more, enjoy action, go running in the morning and enjoy the body and the feel of running energy. Go swimming: enjoy the body and the river and the touch of water. Jog and dance and jump in the air and in the sun and let the body again start trembling with joy.

This has to be done first… and take as many deep breaths as possible. Once you get into the body, once you again become alive in the body, nine problems out of ten will disappear, and the remaining one we can tackle; that’s not a problem. This is one of the tricks how the society has made people alienated with themselves. It has cut your body, so you are just like a ghost in a machine. You are in the body and not yet in the body – just hovering around. You take the hand of your friend in your hand but it is just a dead hand in a dead hand – no feel, no poetry, no joy. You eat but you go on stuffing; the taste is lost.

You see but you don’t see the psychedelic existence as it is; you see dull colours, grey, dusty. You listen to music but just sound goes on falling; the music is missed. So for a few months enjoy anything that is concerned with the body: running, jogging, playing, jumping, dancing, singing, shouting in the mountains. Bring back your childhood! And you will start feeling that you are being born again. You will have the feel, exactly the same feel as the caterpillar has when it becomes a butterfly…. It is going to happen!

Source: from Osho Book “This is It”

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  1. Osho never ceases to inspire me. I may be light years away from Awakening, but his words, his love, his spirit, gives me strength.

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