Osho on thinking and truth

Question – I gather from your words that i am dead. What should i do to become alive?

Osho – My friend, if you think so only because of my words it is of no value. Forget what I have said and what others have said and then look again. You have to see it yourself. That vision itself will become a path leading you to life. Then you won’t have to ask, ”What should I do to become alive?”

He who comes to realize that he is dead, that his existence and his personality have been dead all along, will at the same time begin to see that which is not dead. But in order for you to see this your mental restlessness must be cast off. Seeing, darshan, is only possible when the mind isquiet, empty, free of passion. At present there are only thoughts. There is no seeing, no DARSHANThinking what I have said to you is correct is also a thought in itself. This thought will not help at all.

Thinking cannot uncover truth because all thoughts are borrowed. All thoughts belong to others.They just hide the truth all the more. Have you ever realized that all your thoughts are borrowed from others, that they really belong to others? You have amassed counterfeit capital. Do not depend on it because it is not capital at all. Castles built on this kind of capital are like the ones you build in dreams. They are not even as real as houses of cards. I do not want to make you think. I do not want to fill you with borrowed things. I don’t want you to think but to awaken. I want you to give up thinking and see. And then see what happens. Advance from thinking to seeing. This alone will lead you to the truth and to the real capital, to the real wealth that is your own. How this process of seeing-without-thinking removes the curtain from the mystery cannot be known without actually doing it yourself.

Remember, there is no valuable experience in the world others can give you. Whatsoever can be given is never valuable. Nor can an experience ever be given. Material things can be given, taken, exchanged, but there is no way to barter live experiences. In the nature of experience, neither Mahavira, nor Buddha, nor Krishna, nor Christ can give you anything. And those who cling to thinking and accept their thoughts as the truth are the ones who are deprived of the truth. it is the truth he realizes by himself and not something he borrows from others that liberates a man.

Memorizing the GITA, the KORAN or the Bible will serve no purpose. It will not bring you knowledge.On the contrary, it will smother your own capacity for self-knowledge and you will never be able to stand face-to-face with truth. The worlds you have memorized from the shastras, from the scriptures,will always come between you and the truth. They will create fog and dust and it will be impossible for you to see what really is.

We must remove everything that stands between us and the truth. To know the truth no help is required from thought. Strip everything away and then you will open up.Then there will be an opening through which truth will enter you and transform you. Give up thinking and see. Open the door and see. This is all I have to say.

Source – Osho Book “The Perfect Way”

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