Osho - To be a mother

[A sannyasin says: I’m going to be a mother… Yes, I want it.]

Osho Do you understand what it means? If you want it, it is okay, mm? But one should be more conscious about it. To be a mother means a great revolution, and a radical change. To be a woman is one thing, and to be a mother is totally another. You are entering into a commitment with somebody you don’t know, and you will have to plan your life accordingly. Then your freedom is gone… so just think about it.

If you take the responsibility of the whole perspective clearly, you will not be able to be as free as you have been. The responsibility of the child will be on you – and not as a duty. If it is a duty, it will become a burden, and then one starts to take revenge on the child.

Right now you don’t know, so everything is good, but when the child comes there are responsibilities. Your freedom is cut completely. You have to think about the child first, and then yourself. The child becomes more important than you who will be secondary. Now you can go on changing lovers and doing whatsoever you like, but once the child is there, things will become different. So think about it because it is a great decision.

If you take it consciously, it is perfectly okay, but don’t move into motherhood unconsciously – becoming pregnant by just drifting into it. Before, it was okay, because there were no methods available and pregnancy was always an accident, but now it need not be.

[She answers: It wasn’t.]
Then it is okay. If you have taken the step decisively, it is okay and there is no problem. You go into it!

Source: from Osho Book “Hammer on the Rock”

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