Osho on therapist and responsibility

Osho – To be a therapist, a groupleader, is a very great responsibility. One who is not ready should not move into it. It should not be an ego trip — otherwise rather than helping, you can harm.

Only somebody who is not on an ego trip can be of help. The egoistic person can be a do-gooder, but deep down he will harm. He will poison the system of others too, and in subtle ways he will start dominating — because that is the only way he can feel fulfilled as far as his ego is concerned.

If he becomes a therapist he will dominate the patient, if he becomes a groupleader he will dominate the participants, if he becomes a teacher he will dominate the students. Wherever he is, that is not the point — he will try to dominate. If he is a husband he will try to dominate the wife and destroy the wife — because domination destroys; there is nothing more destructive than domination.

So particularly when one is thinking to become a groupleader or a therapist and wants to move into some therapeutic dimension, one should be perfectly aware of whether one is ready or not. Otherwise in the name of therapy you can go on playing a game. It will destroy others and finally it will destroy you, because one has to pay the price.

No destruction is without a price: when you destroy somebody, you are destroying yourself meanwhile. Maybe right now you are not alert, but one day you will find that the same ditch that you have dug for others has proved your own grave. So it is always very very essential to feel, to know, to be certain.

And that is the whole purpose of being in the proximity of a master — because there are points where you cannot really feel exactly. How can you feel unless you move into it? One never knows when the ego will pop up, what situation it may be waiting for to pop up in; one is never certain beforehand, and cannot be.

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