Osho on Love and Strength

Osho– To love needs great strength, not only physical but spiritual too. Weaklings cannot love. They can lust but they cannot love. Love means sacrifice and the first requirement of love is the dropping of the ego. And that is the most difficult thing in life: to become a nobody, to be just a nothingness.

Unless one is ready to be a nobody, a nothingness, love cannot grow. Love needs space, and if ego is filling you, if you are too full of yourself, there is no space for love to grow. We have to uproot the ego totally; hence strength is needed. But once you put all your energies in a concentrated way it becomes possible. It is within our capacity to grow beyond lust into love.

Lust is something biological; love is spiritual. Lust means using the other as a means; love means that the other has to be respected as an end unto himself, herself. Lust exploits; love gives and gives unconditionally, it gives without any idea of return. But the beauty and the miracle is that the more you give, the more you get. The more you give without any motivation, the more you become full of love.

Suddenly one becomes aware of an inexhaustible source within oneself. You can go on sharing, you can give your love to the whole universe, still you will not be empty. Just be empty of the ego and you will never be empty of love. You can go on giving as much as you want, you can go on overflowing.

That’s why Jesus says god is love. He makes god and love synonymous. It is true: if you have known love y