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Osho – Always remember it: whenever you come to an enlightened man, whatsoever you say is not the point. He talks out of his heart. In fact, he does not answer your questions; he answers you, your deepest need, about which you yourself are not aware.

It happens so many times when I am answering your questions. Many times you feel as if your question has not been answered. I know it; I am aware of it. It need not be answered. But through your question I can feel a deep urge, a deep enquiry, about which you yourself are not aware. You cannot be aware in the state you are in — in your unconsciousness you can ask only wrong questions. In my awareness I can answer only right answers. I will repeat: in your sleep you can ask only wrong questions; in my awareness I can answer only right answers. On the surface it will look absurd.

There are three possibilities of dialogue: one, two ignorant persons talking. Much talking goes on, but nothing happens out of it; it is just bogus. They talk, but they don’t mean what they are saying, they are not even aware of what they are saying — it is just an occupation; it feels good to be occupied. They are talking like mechanical things, two computers talking. Then there is the possibility of two enlightened persons talking. They don’t talk; there is no need to talk. The communion is silent; they understand each other without the words. Two ignorant persons talking — too many words, and no understanding. Two enlightened persons meeting — no words, only understanding.

The first situation happens every day, millions of times all over the earth; the second situation happens rarely after thousands and thousands of years — rarely does it happen that two enlightened persons meet.

There is a third possibility — one enlightened person talking to an unenlightened person. Then there are two planes: one is on the earth, the other is in the sky; one is moving in a bullock cart, the other is flying in an aeroplane. The person on the earth asks one thing and the person in the sky answers something. else. But this is the only way, this is the only way the person on the earth can be helped.

Source – Osho Book “Come Follow To You, Vol 3″

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