Question – You confused me very much by saying that the samsara is the nirvana. Now, from where to begin?

Osho – There is no need to begin. I am not sending you on a journey. Not even the first step is needed. Take the step, and you have moved in the wrong direction. It is not that any direction is wrong; all directions are wrong. Movement is wrong. It is not that a few people go astray and a few don’t, no. All going is going astray.
Let this sink in your heart as deeply as possible.

When I say the world is samsara, I mean don’t divide into the profane and the profound. Live the profound in a profound way, live the profane in a profound way. Don’t divide into the material and the spiritual. Live the material in a spiritual way; bring the quality of the spirit to matter.

What do I mean when I say live in the ordinary world? I mean live the profane life in a new way, with a new being, with a new style, with a new flavor, the flavor of meditation. I am not telling you to go away anywhere.

I am for God, but I am not against anything. And God, my God, is so vast, he includes all. Yes, you can sip your tea in such a meditative way that it becomes prayer. Try it. You can love your woman in such a meditative way that love becomes ecstasy, that when you are lost with your woman or with your man, suddenly you are lost in God. Those moments become of tremendous value. Those moments become the first glimpses of divinity.

Start living your ordinary life in an extraordinary way. What is the extraordinary way? To bring awareness. Whatsoever you do, let it be soaked in awareness, let it be showered with awareness.

Source – Osho Book “The First Principle”

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