Osho - Mystic can say existence is divine

Osho – Beauty is not an objective quality; it does not belong to things. It is the loving eye that imparts it, that creates it. Beauty is a creation of love.

Ordinarily people think they have fallen in love because the other person is so beautiful. The reality is just the opposite: the other person looks so beautiful because they have fallen in love; love is fundamental. Beauty is a creation of love, not vice versa. Hence, when you are in love the person appears beautiful; when you are not in love, suddenly the same person looks very ordinary. He was ordinary before love; he becomes ordinary again when love has disappeared. But between these two he was tremendously beautiful – love was creating it.

Look with the eyes of love, and the whole existence becomes beautiful. Look with hate, and everything becomes ugly. It all depends on you, on what kind of world you want to live in. If you want to live in hell, create more and more hate and you will be in hell. If you want to be in heaven, create more and more love and you are in heaven, because love will go on imparting beauty to each and every thing that surrounds you. This same world becomes divine looked at through the eyes of love.

Hence the mystic can say existence is divine, because he is pure love. He can say God is, because he is pure love. God is a creation of his loving energy. He cannot show his God to anybody else; it is impossible. You fall in love with a person, but you cannot prove to anybody else that he is beautiful. It is impossible, because it is not an objective quality. The mystic is in love with existence itself; that great love of his being creates God. God is
his subjective experience, it is his creation.

God is not there available ready-made. Before you can know God you have to create God, and the way to create God is love. Love is the only creativity there is, the only dance there is, the only beauty there is, the only God there is.

Source – Osho Book “The Rainbow Bridge”

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