Osho - Visarjan means dissolution

Osho – Visarjan means dissolution, dissolution into the divine, immersion in the divine, the state of being lost…. One has to learn how to disperse oneself, how to come to a point where one is not. Only then god is. You and god cannot exist together; that’s not possible. That’s why so many people go on missing god – because they are asking for the impossible: they want to remain themselves and they want to see god. God can be seen only when you are not. That nothingness can encounter god, not you.

So the whole process of sannyas is the process of visarjan, dispersion. Slowly, slowly, one loses, goes on losing, goes on losing. The more one loses, the more one understands how beautiful it is not to be. Then more courage arises, a little bit more. One goes a little deeper and a little deeper, and one day the final risk, the final gamble: one simply jumps and disappears. In that very moment there is god. That moment is god.

Deva means divine, rasila means juice, juicy. And the juice that runs through our veins is divine, the blood that runs through our veins is divine. Dust is divine… all is divine. One has to start enjoying this; then more juice comes. One has to start sharing it. The more you give, the more you are given. Another name for that juice is love. When you give love, new energies start flowing in you. That’s why whenever somebody falls in love they start feeling young again. Whenever love is stuck and the doors are closed, one starts feeling old.

Let love flow more… and don’t be a miser. Because this is the paradox of life: the economics of the divine is just the reverse of the economics of the world. In the ordinary economics if you don’t hoard you will not have; m the divine economics if you hoard you will not have. In the ordinary economics if you don’t give you will have; if you give you will lose. In the divine economics just the opposite is the truth: if you give you will have; if you don’t give you will lose. That’s what jesus means when he says: Those who try to save their lives will lose them. The loser in the divine game is the winner… the defeated is the victorious. And he who is nobody is all. Nothingness is fullness.

So go on giving to everybody and anybody. There is no need to make any conditions. Never say that you will give only when this is fulfilled: never give with conditions. To give with conditions is to destroy the whole beauty of it. It is immensely beautiful when it is unconditional. When you enjoy giving, when you are not giving in order to get, you get, you certainly get; you get a thousandfold.

That is another story…. So let this juice that you are carrying in yourself, flow. And don’t confine it to your husband, to your children only. Give them as much as you can but don’t confine your love; there should be no limit to it. Don’t confine it to your race, religion, colour, the country. Don’t confine it! Love is god’s gift: it should be given to all. It should be given not only to persons but to things too. Once you have learned the secret – that the more you give, the more it comes, and you go on becoming younger and younger and you go on becoming fresher and fresher, and you go on becoming livelier and livelier – then you have stumbled upon the greatest secret of life, the key. It can open the door of the ultimate. Love is the key for the door to god.

And in India we call it ’ras’ – juice – because it is really the sweetest taste possible. And it is not only a taste on the tongue… it is the taste that spreads all over your being, to every cell of your being. You become suffused with it. Every hair on your body starts tingling with it. It is a thrill that goes through and through. Every fibre of your being starts dancing in it. That’s why we have called it ’ras’, juice.

Let sannyas be your resurrection. Come here! This will be your new name… and a new beginning; a new birth. Forget the whole past as if it has never existed – as if you have seen it in a movie or you had heard about it from somebody else. Disconnect yourself from it. Yes, it will remain there in the brain cells as a memory but let the psychological memory of it disappear. And those two are two totally different things….

Source – Osho Book “Only Losers Can Win in This Game”

2 thoughts on “Osho – Visarjan means dissolution, dissolution into the divine, immersion in the divine”
  1. Thanks, always thanks, my english is not so good, but i´ll do the effort to transmit what is happening to me.I´m from Buenos Aires Argentina. I read this articule twice, my situation is to accept that my boyfriend doenst loves me like i do. This seems very simply, but althoug i´m working with him every day. A sales job, horses feed. And our relation is between, friendship, sometimes sex, sometimes jealousy of both parts…
    ok, that seems very simply, so I tried the way of surrender, find the love on me first.
    …The trap of my mind is that I sometimes see that I want to surrender, only to become a change in me to finally have a beautifull relation with him………I can´t leave this behavior….its in my unconcius , I think….I can´t transcend that. All your help is wellcome…Thanks, thanks Namaste. Celia

    1. hii celia……u know what’s the whole point of osho darshan…….”think a lot to train ur self to think less”…….and it’s possible too…….but if u remain in the midway u will suffer great identity crisis.
      So the best way is to calm ur mind njoy with ur boyfriend…no need to dive deep inside the profound depth of human mind and behaviour.
      “B cool and don’t take yourself and your life too seriously” ……basicaly this is the theme of osho teachings.

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