Question – One day, as you talked about the new commune, I feel as though someone was hitting me again and again in my stomach until i thought i would vomit. Was that you? It it was, What are you up to?

Osho on Vomit and bodysoul

Osho – HAVE YOU EVER HEARD that St. John of the Cross used to vomit during his ecstasies? Vomit can be of infinite significance. It can be a kind of unburdening. It can be not only indicative that the body wants to unburden – it can be indicative of the deeper psyche too, because the body and the soul are not separate, they are one. Whatsoever happens in the body happens in the soul too; whatsoever happens in the soul happens in the body too – they vibrate together.

It happens many times that when your inner being wants to release some garbage, your body will also release some garbage. And when your body releases some garbage, you will feel as if your mind has also become clean. Have you not felt that kind of cleanliness after a good vomit? Have you not felt a quality of calmness after a good vomit? It not only relieves your stomach, it not only relieves your physical system of some poison – corresponding to it, something in your psyche is also released.

You say, Shaila: AS YOU TALKED ABOUT THE NEW COMMUNE… The day I was talking about the new commune, many of you felt many things…. When I was talking about the new commune, it is natural that you started thinking about yourself – whether you will be acceptable in the new commune? whether you are worthy enough for the new commune? That is natural; for that idea to arise is natural – because the new commune will be the birth of a new man.

We will be creating an alternative world, a small alternative world. We will be moving in different dimensions than the people outside. We will be dropping all taboos, inhibitions, repressions. We will be vomiting all that the society has forced on you, that the society has stuffed you with. That’s why the hammering was felt in the stomach.

All the languages of the world have such expressions: when you cannot accept something you say, ”I cannot stomach it.” When you have to accept something against yourself, you say, ”I had to swallow it somehow.” The stomach is not just physical – it is as much psychological as it is physical; it is psychosomatic. That’s why whenever your emotions are disturbed, your stomach is immediately disturbed.

A man who is constantly angry cannot have a good stomach. A man who is aggressive cannot have a good stomach. A man who is worried will have ulcers, cannot have a good stomach. The stomach is the place where you are joined together: the soma and the psyche, both are joined there in the stomach, in the navel. The navel is the meeting point of matter and soul. That’s why in Japan to commit suicide people hit just under the navel. The navel is called HARA – that’s why in Japanese suicide is called HARAKIRI.

Have you not watched it, observed it, that fear is felt just exactly two inches below the navel? If you are driving and suddenly you see some accident is going to happen and it is beyond control, where are you hit? Where do you feel hit? Deep in the stomach below the navel.

Listening to me, Shaila, on that day, you must have felt this hammering in the stomach, because to become real sannyasins you will have to vomit much. You will have to vomit all your education and all your religion and all your culture and all your civilization. To become a real sannyasin you will have to become primally innocent – you will have to become children again.

And that is going to be the work in the Commune: to efface all that the society has burdened you with, to make you a clean slate; to make you again wild, to make you again as innocent as children are, as innocent as animals; to make you again as innocent as the trees and the rocks. Certainly, much will have to be vomited; your stomach will have to be cleaned physically and spiritually. Yes, it was I who was hitting – excuse me…!

Source – Osho Book “Walk Without Feet, Fly Without Wings and Think Without Mind”

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