osho on master and disciple
Osho – Deva means divine, agya means order or commandment – a divine order. Man cannot choose god; it is always god who chooses man. Man cannot enquire on his own, it is impossible. The desire to enquire into truth comes from the beyond; it is an order from above, it is a commandment.

And to be initiated is not an ordinary matter. It is a decision to change your priorities, it is a decision to change your path. It is a decision to change your very life and its style. It is not a minor change either: it is a revolution. Sannyas is a revolution. It is not a question of changing a little bit here and a little bit there; it is not patchwork. It is not renovating an old house; it is demolishing the old completely in the hope of creating something totally new. Man cannot have this courage on his own. This much courage needs to have some invisible support. And it is always there: whenever somebody is ready, that support arrives.

An ancient saying says: Whenever the disciple is ready, the master appears. The appearance of the master may look to the disciple as if he has found him. It is just the opposite: it is always the master who finds the disciple. His ways of finding are very subtle, indirect; his ways are exactly the same as the ways of god.

The disciple always thinks that it is he who is choosing. It’s not so; he has been chosen! And once this starts dawning in your consciousness then life has a totally different rhythm to it. Once you understand that the master has chosen you, it is a different matter altogether; then there is no way of going back, it is a point of no return. When you see that it is god who has called you forth, then you can go into any risk; and there are many risks!

Life certainly changes. Life can soar high, as high as one can imagine, but each step is risky, and the risk becomes more and more as you go higher. But once it is understood that god has chosen you then there is no fear; one can go dancing, one can go singing, in any kind of risk. Then the risk is no more a risk; it is simply a challenge, a play; and it is always good for the soul, because it brings integrity, maturity, ripeness. So let this be the fundamental in your consciousness, that god has chosen you, that it is not your decision to become a sannyasin, that it is a commandment from above, that it is a divine order.

Source – Osho Book “The Sacred Yes’

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