Osho on holier than thou

Osho – Deva is a sanskrit root; it means divine. Hasido is a hebrew root; it means pious – divinely pious. There is a piety that can be cultivated by man, but deep down it remains an ego trip. Only on the surface is it pious. Deep down it is just the opposite. It is the ego playing a new game. It is not divine. That you can see anywhere in the priests, rabbis, ministers, monks – the look of holier-than-thou’.

Wherever you find that look of ’holier-than-thou’, it is piety full of poison. It is a cultivated practice, it is a character; the person has devoted much energy to it. But it is not out of understanding. It is still the old game. The facade is new, the camouflage is new. The mask is religious, but the man is still not in the nude, is still not exposing his real self to god.

There is another kind of piety – I call it divine. It does not come out of practice. No cultivation is needed for it; cultivation will be the undoing of it. It comes through prayer, not through practice. It comes through understanding, not through cultivation. It does not arise in you – it comes from the beyond; you are just the receiving end. It is not your work – it is a gift. And when piety comes as a gift, it drowns your ego, takes it away forever. Then there is a silence, a purity, an innocence, which is absolutely virgin, uncontaminated by any human hands, untouched, untouchable.

This is the meaning of your name. Never think of virtue in terms of doing; think of virtue in terms of god’s grace. Provoke his grace, call him from the deepest core of your heart… cry and weep. Expose yourself in your utter nakedness… don’t hide. And one day it starts happening – suddenly the guest has arrived.

And the very presence of the guest transforms one. But now you cannot claim any authorship – you will not find your signature on it. You cannot have the look of ’holier-than-thou’. You will be humble; there is no ego to be found any more. You will be egoless in it, and when piety is without ego it is divine. When it is not of you but of the beyond and you are just a vehicle, a hollow bamboo through which it flows, then there is tremendous beauty in it. That is the meaning of your name.

Source – Osho Book “Don’t Look Before You Leap”

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