Osho on divine which is here now

Question – Please explain why we don’t feel the divine which is here/ now, within/without, which is you, me and all.

Osho – This is from Swami Yoga Chinmaya. Because you are too much, and too heavy on yourself. Because you cannot laugh, the divine is hidden. Because you are too tense, you are closed. And these things that you think — that the divine is here/now, within/without, you/me — are only head things, they are not your feelings. They are thoughts, not realizations.

And if you go on thinking along these lines, they will never become experiences. You can convince yourself by a thousand and one arguments that this is so, but they will never become your experience. You will go on missing. It is not a question of argument, philosophy, thinking, contemplation — no. It is a question of drowning yourself deeply in the feeling of the phenomenon. One has to feel it, not think about it. And to feel it, one has to disappear.

You are trying an absolutely impossible thing: by thinking, you are trying to realize God. It will remain a philosophy, it will never become your experience. And unless it is an experience, it is not liberating. It will become a bondage; you will die in that bondage of words.

You are too much. Yoga Chinmaya’s head has to be beheaded — cut completely. You are too much in the head, and there is too much of yourself. God is not more important; you are more important. You want to know God: God is not the emphasis, YOU are the emphasis. YOU want to achieve God: not that God is important; YOU are important, and how can you live without achieving God? God has to be possessed, but the emphasis is on YOU. That’s why you go on missing.

Drop the ‘you’. Then there is no need to worry about God — He comes by Himself. Once you are not, He comes. Once you are absent, His presence is felt. Once you are empty, He is rushing towards you. Drop all the philosophies and all that you have learned, all that you have borrowed, all that has become heavy on the head. Drop it! Be clean of it; it is all rot. Once you are clean, in that cleanliness you start feeling something arising. In that innocence is virginity. God is always available.

Source – Osho Book “Come Follow To You, Vol 1”

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