Osho on Words and Essence

Question – Osho, i go on forgetting your words. what should i do?

Osho – Who has told you to remember my words? That’s how it should be, exactly, precisely. You have to forget my words; you have to remember the essence, not the words. And the essence need not be remembered, it has only to be understood.

If you are listening to me rightly you need not remember what I have said. In fact, if you try to remember it you will miss the whole point. Then the words will be there and the essence will be missing. Go on forgetting the words otherwise you will be burdened by them, and you will lose track.

You just try to understand. When I say ‘try to understand’ I mean just be silently, passively, alertly listening. Don’t judge and don’t argue and don’t decide whether I am saying something which is right or wrong. Just listen silently. If you become too worried whether I am saying something which is right or wrong then you are not listening. I am not saying that you should believe what I am saying, no. Just listen. And this is the beauty of pure listening — if you can listen purely, whatsoever is true will get into your heart and whatsoever is untrue will drop. There is no need to be worried about it. The heart knows.

It is almost natural. It is like if you are being given blood, your blood will refuse it if it is not of its own kind. A certain kind of blood will be needed, the same number of blood will be needed. If you have been operated upon and some skin has been transplanted, just anybody’s skin will not do. Your body will reject it. The body knows. Your owl skin will have to be removed from some other part of the body then the body will accept it.

That’s how it is. Truth is the food of the heart. When the truth is heard the heart simply accepts it. It is not a question of deciding whether it is true or not — this is the way of the mind. The mind is continuously worried about whether it is true or not true, and because of this worry the mind earl never listen. The mild is deaf. It pretends to listen but it never listens. You just put your mind aside, let your heart listen to me, let your heart be diffused into me, let your heart be in tune with me. And if there is something true it will get home. If it is not you need not worry, it will disappear.

You need not be worried about my words. Be worried about me, not about my words. I am not propounding a philosophy here, I am simply giving myself to you.

Source – Osho Book “Zen: The Path of Paradox, Vol 1”

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