Osho – Not only do you go on moving in the same small circles, you repeat, you imitate other people and their stupidities. You are constantly repeating, you are constantly looking around at what is being done by whom. You don’t live a life from within; you are imitators.

Your whole interest is exhibition: how to show that you are better than others, how to show that you are richer than others, how to show that you are more intelligent than others. In fact, it is only the unintelligent person who ever compares himself with others. The really intelligent never compares, because each individual is unique and comparison is impossible.

Mrs. Zimmer hired an interior designer to have the house redecorated.
“Alright,” said the decorator, “how would you like it done? Modern?”
“Me, modern? No!” said Mrs. Zimmer.
“How about French?”
“French? Where would I come to a French house?”
“Perhaps Italian Provincial?”
“God forbid!”
“Well, madam, what period do you want?”
“What period? I want my friends to walk in, take one look, and drop dead, period!”

People are living just to impress. They must be really very poor inside, because only people suffering from inferiority complex want to impress others. A really superior person never compares himself with anybody else. He knows he is incomparable; not only that, he knows others are also as incomparable as he is. He is neither superior nor inferior.

This tremendous revolution is possible only by one secret key, and that is becoming more alert. The more alert you are, the less you repeat. The more alert you are, you find new ways of doing things, you find new styles of living your life. The more alert you are, the more creative you are, and only creative people know what happiness is. What you create is not the point — just being creative. It may be poetry, it may be music, it may be sculpture, it can be anything, but just the process of being creative brings you to the point where you meet God.

Source: from Osho Book “Dhammapada Vol 4”

One thought on “Osho – Your whole interest is exhibition: how to show that you are better than others”
  1. I found inter peace during my 8 years over on Maui, Hi. and felt our Son could find something in Hawaii too. He lives on Molokai, Hi. and gardens for the Cook Family there and finds so much to feed his self discovery and balance. He sends us things to read and view and this article was the latest treat he shared with us. I feel so much from your writings I read here, Thank You Osho… I plan to read much more. These discoveries our Son finds in his Journey inspire us to as his Parents and People. Aloha, Leola Adcock

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