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Osho – The real Master is not technical, he is simple — because there is no technique to achieve God. God is not somewhere at the end of a technique, no. God is already available to you. You are in God;you just have to shake yourself a little so that you can become a little more alert. Just a little more alertness, that’s all.

Sometimes you do become alert, but you become alert also in a very unconscious way. You are driving a car and suddenly you see that a bus is coming and the driver seems to be drunk or mad and you see no possibility of avoiding the accident. The accident is going to be; it becomes almost a certainty. In that moment you become alert, very alert, but that alertness is unconscious. You are alert, but you are not alert that you are alert.

In some dangerous situation you become alert, but that alertness is unconscious. A Master simply teaches you how to be alert with full consciousness. He teaches you conscious awareness. Now you may be a little puzzled, because… conscious awareness? You think consciousness means awareness, awareness means consciousness. No. There are moments when you are aware but not conscious. If somebody comes suddenly with a pistol in his hand and forces the pistol on your chest, you will be aware but not conscious. Thinking will stop. The shock is so sudden, so unexpectedly sudden, and cannot figure out what is going to happen, and death is so close… in that shock, your mind stops. Your constantly spinning mind spins no more. Your constantly chattering mind is simply shocked into silence: you become aware. But this awareness is

The Master teaches only one thing: how to be consciously aware. And that’s a very simple thing. You can start doing it any moment; you can apply awareness, consciousness, to any activity that you go on doing.If you are walking on the road, just walk consciously. Take each step in deep alertness. Listening to me, right now, listen attentively. You are listening attentively but that attention may be unconscious. Become conscious of the attentiveness, and suddenly you will see a tremendous blessing descends in you. Out of nowhere, suddenly it is there. Just a moment of conscious alertness and your doors open and God enters in — as if he was just waiting there at the door, knocking and knocking and knocking. But you are so much preoccupied….

source – osho book “the divine melody”

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