Osho – When one becomes too fed up with ordinary relationships with people one starts imagining a relationship with God; that is the longing for the divine. Now God is a little better in the sense that you can never be disappointed because you will never meet him; for the simple reason that there is going to be no honeymoon, the honeymoon can never be over; for the simple reason that there is going to be no living together with God, you can go on hoping. Now you are alone: it is a monologue, it is not a dialogue.

All human relationships fail because the other is there and you start clashing with each other, you start dominating each other, you start being jealous of each other, you start being possessive of each other. You are afraid that you may lose the other. And then one day you see that there is nothing to lose – the other is as empty as you are. One dream is shattered, then another dream…. That is the beauty of the religious dream: you can go on dreaming, it can’t be shattered. The relationship with God can never be on the rocks – it is impossible because you are simply alone. When you are praying, what are you doing? Talking to yourself! It is like whistling in the dark – there is nobody to listen.

God is not a person with whom you can have any relationship. God is not somebody in particular whom you can address, whom you can long for. But all your frustrations, all your relationships, which have failed, have not made you alert enough to the fact that it is better to drop the whole idea of desiring the other. Now you are trying to desire something which you are never going to get. One thing is good about it: you can go on hoping for lives. There is never going to be any end to it; the journey is unending. The other does not exist at all; now you are living in pure dreams.

First you were living in dreams but the other was there, so between the two realities the dreams were bound to be crushed – and they were crushed. But now there is nobody else, you are alone. You can make your God the way you want.

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