Osho – There are things which can be understood by learning — they are outside things, Objective things. That is the difference between science and religion. Science needs no subjective experience. You can remain outside and watch; it is an objective approach towards truth.

Religion is a subjective approach. You have to go in, withinwards; it is introspective. You have to dive deep within your own being. Only then can you know. Only from your own center will you be able to understand what the way is, what the dhamma is — or call it what god is — but you will have to participate.

You can know god only by becoming a god, there is no other way. You can know love only by becoming a lover. And if you think that it is very risky without knowing — and going into love IS risky — then you will remain without love, you will remain a desert.

Yes, life is risk, and one should be courageous enough to take risks. One should not always be calculating. If you go on just calculating your whole life, you will miss all. Take risks, be courageous.

There is only one way to live and that is to live dangerously. And this is the danger — that one has to move without knowing, one has to move in the unknown. Hence, trust is needed.

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