Osho on Deva Nisarga

Osho – Deva Nisarga…. Nisarga means to be natural, to be spontaneous, to be simple and poor. And blessed are the poor – only they shall inherit the kingdom of God. Only the poor are rich. This inner poverty is really an inner richness. When you simply move with nature, by and by you disappear. You are so poor that even you are not there – the poverty is total. When the poverty is total, there is nothing to possess and nobody to possess it.

That’s what Jesus means when he says ’poor in spirit’. A man can be poor but may not be poor in spirit. He may not have anything to claim as his own but at least he has his ego. He may not have possessions but he has the possessor. The inner poverty, the poor in spirit, means that even the possessor is gone – no possessions, no possessor. Then you cannot be against nature because there is nobody to be against Then nature simply flows through you. You become like a, cloud: wherever the winds take it, it goes. It has no idea of its own. It has no destiny, no private goal.

It has not planned any journey, so wherever it lands it is beautiful, because there is never any frustration. Frustration comes out of a private goal. Whenever you come across a man who is frustrated, it simply shows that he has a private goal against the universe. Naturally he is frustrated. When you move with the universe, there is no frustration; there is tremendous fulfillment. Each moment is joy because everything is going right Nothing can go wrong because whatsoever is happening is how it should happen.

That is the meaning of nisarga. It is one of the most beautiful terms in Sanskrit. And I would like you to disappear completely, to die completely. And it is possible – that’s why I am giving you this name. You are just on the brink of it, on the very edge. A slight push and you will be gone. So just remember it, and this name will become a continuous reminding – what Gurdjieff calls self-remembering. That is the meaning of changing the name. Ordinarily names are meaningless.

They don’t have any relevance to your being because they are given to you by people who cannot read your being. Maybe they like the sound of the name, maybe they like the dictionary meaning of the name. Maybe the name was very popular. They heard it somewhere – some famous man also had the same name: some actor, some actress, some author, some musician, some singer, some poet It was famous in the same way and so the parents gave it to you.

But they cannot read your being. When a master gives you a name, it is not ordinary. It has tremendous significance. It is like a seed which will start sprouting. In the right season and in the right climate it will become a big tree. This is going to be your path. Tao is your path – to be natural, to be simple. Struggle is not for you. A profound surrender – and out of that surrender your being will be born. And you can do it, you can do it very gracefully…. I have been watching you. Good.

Source: from Osho Book “God Is Not For Sale”

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